St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop! #Giveaway

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Carlene here. Welcome to the St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop organized by the lovely ladies of Inner Goddess! I’m so excited to be spending my first St. Patrick’s Day living back home in San Diego in a very long time. Here in Southern Cali, we love our Irish brothers and sisters and the chance to celebrate this time a year just as much as the next person. But what I love most is how we mix that with our local Hispanic and military roots. One of my favorite places to do this is at local gem, Balboa Park. Nestled inside this iconic park are a village of cottages, including the House of Ireland, where you can go on St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy music, dance, traditional costumes, arts, crafts, and ethnic foods. The park is one of the most romantic spots I’ve ever seen and as a romance writer, that does my heart so very good.


photo credit: Cole Joseph Photography

Sidewalk-Flower1MI have yet to set one of my stories in the Park but living back here now, and visiting as often as I do, it may just be a matter of time! So now I’d love to hear from you! Please share the lovely details on one of your most romantic, favorite spots where you live. At the end of the hop, I’ll choose one random winner to win my blog’s prize of a copy of my book, Sidewalk Flower, starring the sweet yet sexy country boy Lucky Mason, and a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

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Good luck and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Now off you go to keep hoppin’! Click here to get to the next stop!

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Mid Week Tease … Lucky in Love #MWTease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease!


Friends … I goofed! Totally missed out on officially joining the linky list for this week’s teasing selection so please forgive me! Thank you so much, Miss Bunino, for bringing us back for sexy fun each week. Author friends, join in next week, won’t you? Check Sandra’s post for the sign up. With Valentine’s only a few days away, I knew I wanted to share from the book that started my romance writing career. Please enjoy this bit from Sidewalk Flower with one of my favorite couples, Trista and her man, Lucas “Lucky” Mason...

He gazed out into the sleepy nighttime sky that surrounded them, sure of what he was about to do.  He poised himself up onto his knees so that he could more easily remove the folded up handkerchief from his back pocket.  His head grazed the soft top of the Jeep but he ignored it to bring out the cotton that was folded over a couple times.  Unwrapping the folds, he held it out to her, cradling it in his open hands.  It was a beautiful yellow daffodil that he had plucked from the church’s flower garden.  It matched the color of the lively threads of the dress Trista now wore which brought a heat to his heart he couldn’t and didn’t want to cool down.

“Trista Jeane Hart, I would be honored and extremely happy if you would be my wife.  I love you, darlin’, more than anything in this entire world.”

He handed her the flower.

Sidewalk-Flower1MHe admired the way she tried to calm her trembling jaw with a soft, feminine hand and hold the flower in the other.  “You really want me, don’t you,” she said shakily.

“Oh Trista, you are insane.  Yes, I want you so badly, I’m about two seconds away from scooping you up and sneaking you into your old room, and having my way with you.”

“But I mean, forever, you want to keep me forever.”

“Forever.  Yes.”

“I would love to be your wife.  Yes Lucas!”



He bounced off his knees in his excitement and hit his head on a roll bar.  “Ouch.”  He lowered his head and Trista rubbed it for him.  “I kind of like the sound of that.  Yes, Lucas.  I think I could get used to hearing you say that more often.  Yes and Lucas.  Just like that.”

“I might be insane but you are a nut, Lucas.”

“So you’re going to marry me?” Continue reading

Mid Week Tease! Embarrassed #MWTease

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease!


Thank you so much to Sandra Bunino for yet another packed week of tantalizing romance snippets. You rock, lady. My sampling this week comes from the love story that started the Sin Pointe series, Lucky and Trista’s… 

“Lucky, I’m so sorry. You should probably wash your hands. Oh hell, I’m so embarrassed.” She flicked the light switch on.

He started to question her but then noticed she was staring at his hand. “Oh no, darlin’, what did I do to you?” He looked again, bringing his hand up to his face to inspect it more closely.

“Lucky, please just wash your hands. You didn’t do anything to me.” Then with a heavy sigh, “I got my period just now. The sheets, your hand, our night. They’re all ruined. I have to get changed.” She left him at the sink to go fish out something from her suitcase. Not sure how to make things less embarrassing for her, he did as she asked and went for the miniature bar of soap at the sink.

He could tell without needing any of Trista’s insightful senses that she was bummed out and sorry. He’d never experienced this before but wondered if it might make her feel better to know that it didn’t bother him. But that could make her feel like he was after sex no matter the cost.

Sidewalk-Flower1MWhich he wasn’t. He’d tried to make that clear tonight by taking his time.

So he finished washing his hands and then went to retrieve his boxers from the floor and pulled them on. The dainty yellow panties she’d given him lay near his discarded red shirt. She refused to look at him.

“Trista, would you like these back?” he asked, holding her panties out to her.

She was already covered in a white nightgown that hung loosely in what had to be her favored length of just below mid-thigh.  In her hand, she held a blue and yellow box he’d seen in drug stores before. Continue reading

Roll Out the Red Carpet! #BDayBashBlogHop

EvernightBday4BlogHopRoll out the Red Carpet ~ Evernight Celebrates Four Years of Publishing! #BDayBashBlogHop

Join authors, bloggers and reviewers as we take a RED CARPET tour featuring Evernight’s smart and sexy books. Slip on your virtual stilettos and walk the red carpet of award winning titles, spectacular reviews and paparazzi style interviews.

Be sure to visit every stop on the tour where you can enter for a chance to win great prizes, including a new eReader, gift certificates, swag, books and much more!

Don’t forget to visit the Evernight Publishing website where all eBooks are 50% off through October 13th!

Now I turn the spotlight on my smart and sexy book series…

Happy 4th Birthday Evernight, you sexy publisher you!

And to all you readers, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a part of the Evernight reading experience with you. The Sin Pointe novels couldn’t have found a more perfect home than with the edgy and sexy Evernight. All I can say is that my rocker boys are a group of happy men knowing they’re in your adoring hands, hopefully adding a little sin to those e-readers. Continue reading

Mid Week Tease! Stefanisms… #MWTease

Welcome Back to Mid Week Tease!


Happy Wednesday all. It’s definitely been an exciting week so far. Our lovely hostess, Sandra Bunino, released her story, Colors of Us, yesterday! Congrats, lady. And now here we are to tempt you with our sexy snippets. With Wicked Flower coming out on Thursday, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite short “Stefan” moments from the books in the series. Please enjoy!

From Sidewalk Flower

But to answer Lucky…she remembered how Stefan had summed it up for her one night after a gig Vangie had attended on the last tour.  Trista had been hanging out in Stefan’s room, trying to stay out of the picture as much as possible when he said to her that he hated to be so vulgar, but to put it plain and simple, Jaxon was in it for the sex.  Well, Stefan had said pussy, finger spelling it over his shiny black guitar, but she hated that word.

At least Stefan had been honest. Continue reading

Late Night Tuesday Treat: Sin Pointe SeriesTrailer!

The things a mom will do when kiddo’s school is closed for three days in a row! (I’m counting Wednesday already because I just got the severe weather closing email from the school for tomorrow!) My eyes may be buggy and bloodshot, but I give to you the official (albeit homemade) book trailer for the Sin Pointe Novels. Enjoy!

Always love,
Carlene Love♥