Roll Out the Red Carpet! #BDayBashBlogHop

EvernightBday4BlogHopRoll out the Red Carpet ~ Evernight Celebrates Four Years of Publishing! #BDayBashBlogHop

Join authors, bloggers and reviewers as we take a RED CARPET tour featuring Evernight’s smart and sexy books. Slip on your virtual stilettos and walk the red carpet of award winning titles, spectacular reviews and paparazzi style interviews.

Be sure to visit every stop on the tour where you can enter for a chance to win great prizes, including a new eReader, gift certificates, swag, books and much more!

Don’t forget to visit the Evernight Publishing website where all eBooks are 50% off through October 13th!

Now I turn the spotlight on my smart and sexy book series…

Happy 4th Birthday Evernight, you sexy publisher you!

And to all you readers, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a part of the Evernight reading experience with you. The Sin Pointe novels couldn’t have found a more perfect home than with the edgy and sexy Evernight. All I can say is that my rocker boys are a group of happy men knowing they’re in your adoring hands, hopefully adding a little sin to those e-readers. Continue reading

Meet My Character Blog Hop…Sin Pointe’s Rhythm Section

Hello out there. I’m taking a day to sit down and relax with the rhythm section of ultra-sexy rock band, Sin Pointe. And this day wouldn’t be possible had the talented and lovely author, Xio Axelrod, not invited us to join her blog hop so big cyber kisses to her. Check out a charming and smexy chat Xio had with her own characters last week HERE. Now for Stefan and Will from my latest release, Wicked Flower

Me: Boys, it’s time. Please come on over and say hi to all the lovely people.

Stefan: Hey sweetie.

Will: Not funny, dude.

Stefan: What, I wasn’t talking to you, sweetie. I was looking out at all of Carlene’s sexy friends. Hey ladies. (Stefan’s giving you all a look that I want you to imagine would melt the polar ice caps right now. And of course he’s in all white, just for you.)

stefan white pjs

Stefan in his favorite color jammies 😉


Will: Ladies, snap out of it. Carlene, was he not looking directly at me when he said that?

Will: Snap out of it, ladies!

Will: Snap out of it, ladies!

Me: …(author debating for a moment on what to say next and whether she thinks she’s going to be able to wrangle two of her favorite albeit ornery people in all the world to finish this little interview)… Will, you are pretty sweet. Maybe Stef was just referring to that fact. Stefan, be nice. Continue reading

Friday Never Felt So Sweet!

Happy Friday!

Here’s to hoping you had a great week, and if not, here’s to kicking off a rockin’ weekend, especially to all the Mom’s ♥

In my tiny corner of the world, it was pretty sweet and amazing, here’s why:


I’m happy to announce that the second book in the Sin Pointe series has been contracted through Evernight Publishing.  I hope you enjoyed the bits and pieces of Jaxon in Sidewalk Flower because this next one is all his!  Sin’s Flower is set for tentative release this summer!  It’s gonna be a hot one, y’all!  😉

Sidewalk Flower BookSpeaking of Sidewalk is now available in print!  I have to thank each and every one of you who purchased a digital copy because that overwhelming support is what made the book going to print a possibility!  So thank you, thank you, thank you!  Consider my socks thoroughly rocked!

LibraryTalkGoodiesI’m on a roll so let me keep on at it.  This Saturday I will be speaking at the Kensington Park Library located at 4201 Knowles Avenue,  Kensington, MD, from 3-4:30 pm.  I’ll be joined by Ellora’s Cave author Lynne Silver and Entangled Publishing author Avery Flynn.  Our topic?  “How Can They Write Those Books?”  Yep, there will be secrets a’spillin’ so stop by if you’re in the area.  Did I mention there will be prizes?  Psst…there will be prizes 😉

mermaid-logoAllrighty friends, I’ve gone and saved the best for last…because one week from today, on Friday, May 17th, I am hostessing the Waterworld Mermaids pond and it’s gonna be rockin’!  What kind of mermaid would I be to disappoint the ladies of our romantic little lagoon?  Yep, I’m bringing a very special guy with me, who is a ridiculously talented bass player and quite frankly, adorable.  You may have seen him last month laying his bass tracks down on Fox’s American Idol.  I hope you’ll swim on over next Friday and help me give a warm welcome to Dino Villanueva of the Casey James Band!

Big Hugs & A Happy Early Mother’s Day♥

Always love,

Carlene Love♥


Spring, Summer, Fall…Music Rocks ‘Em All!



So it went from snow and the 20’s last week to chirpin’ birds and the 70’s this week!  And I love it!  This means not only are the critters and flowers about to be in full bloom, but the best season of all is upon us!  Concert Season!


Who’s live show are you just dying to see?  What’s your concert lineup?


Here’s who I’ll be catching live in the very near future:

April: Bobby Long

May: Casey James (two times!)

June: Heart!!!

July & August still lookin’ but I know I’ll find something good soon 🙂

September: DEPECHE MODE ♥


Sharing is fun, tell me who you’re about to see or who is on your list!

Always love,

Carlene Love ♥