The Misplaced Mermaids Are Ready To Be Yours!

Hello there and Happy Lunar New Year! First things first, I hope 2022 is either off to a great start, or that you are on your way there. I hope that whatever it is that helps you in this endeavor shows up and finds you. I send my love and support. Next, I invite you… Continue reading The Misplaced Mermaids Are Ready To Be Yours!


In Your Hands

On May 1st, I published a full length novel. The book is called In A Man's Hands. I'm very happy with it and I hope it makes its way into the hands of whoever it's supposed to find its way to. I believe in this type of magic so strongly that I have to remind myself… Continue reading In Your Hands


Anchors and Uplifters

Hello, and welcome! I'm very happy to be here today and to share this blog post with you. I know it has been a while, and I am truly appreciative to be here writing again. As I think about the future and the limitless possibilities of it all, I'd like to dip back into the… Continue reading Anchors and Uplifters