Human Giant Angel Mermaid

*This story suitable for all ages*

A Short Tale of Spirit, Fight and All That Holds Us Together

HGAM JPG Cover 1

There is a question out there you may have considered at some point in your life, maybe briefly, maybe in depth, and that is: exactly what would I be capable of in an extraordinary situation? Gandhi said that in a gentle way, we can shake the world. I believe the gentlest, yet most brave way to discover who we are is through love. If you have made your way here to “Human Giant Angel Mermaid”, whether you be risk taker or safe keeper, it is my belief that it is for a reason. I appreciate that your path and this short tale of spirit, fight, and all that holds us together have crossed. Sometimes it takes an incredible amount of information to really soak in and touch us in the ways we need to be stirred, reminded or inspired. And sometimes, it takes five simple pages. Whether you’re fighting your ocean, or embracing it, whatever you may be up against, remember what you’re made of. May this story be those five simple pages for you.

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