What Fans Have to Say…

Please enjoy the following expressions of love for Wicked Flower

“I love his (Stefan’s) heart! He’s got that bad boy facade and acts like he doesn’t care about others, but once you really spend time with him and peel off the layers, you’d find he’s got the biggest heart and soul you’ve ever found. And once you have his heart in your hands, it’s yours forever so you best be careful.”                                           -from Sweet Liz, Stefan’s biggest fan xoxo

“I was hooked on Wicked Flower from the first page. Stefan…oh Stefan. I absolutely loved him. He knows what he wants and it’s Dani from the first sight. I also adored Dani and I can’t say why without giving away the storyline. I’ve read most of Ms. Love Flores’s Sin Pointe Novels and every time I pick a new one up it’s like I’m smack in the middle of a big, crazy, blended family filled with characters who have real problems, flaws, strengths, insecurities and lives. Ms. Love Flores has a special knack of hooking the reader and not letting go until the end. Wicked Flower can be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading the entire series. It’s a wonderful journey through the lives of the Sin Pointe band members, who by the way, are sexy as hell.”

from Sin Pointe series fan, Sandra Bunino xoxo

“Omg, I love this book. I’d been waiting eagerly for lead singer, Stefan’s book, and it did not disappoint. He’s everything you think of when you think bad boy rock star. I can’t wait for the drummers book next.”

-from Sin Pointe series fan, LH xoxo

“I just finished this book and absolutely loved it… This is the first I have read by this author and now get to play catch up on the series. I can’t wait.”

-from new Sin Pointe fan, Gina Keitz xoxo

“Fifth in the series, love the characters and love how fast this plot gets woven!”

-from Sin Pointe series fan, Terry T xoxo

“Hooray – a story for Stefan!!!! I’ve been waiting for this one. Stefan was that hot Sin Pointe band member that I’ve been wanting to know more about. What a great book! Stefan and Dani have amazing chemistry and I couldn’t get enough. Hot, sweet, and super sexy, I felt completely satisfied by the end.
You can read this book as a stand-along, although I recommend the entire series. Love those Sin Pointe guys (and their gals)!”

-from series fan and best-selling Harlequin author, Kerri Carpenter xoxo