The Misplaced Mermaids Are Ready To Be Yours!

Hello there and Happy Lunar New Year! First things first, I hope 2022 is either off to a great start, or that you are on your way there. I hope that whatever it is that helps you in this endeavor shows up and finds you. I send my love and support. Next, I invite you… Continue reading The Misplaced Mermaids Are Ready To Be Yours!


The Comfort Boy, A New Release!

A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again."Maya Angelou Today is a unique and special day. It is the original Armistice Day, instituted as a symbol of peace after World War I, the war that was to end all wars. It then became Veterans Day, a day when we honor those… Continue reading The Comfort Boy, A New Release!


Happy 6th Anniversary Wicked Flower + Deleted Scene

Hello to you and thank you so much for stopping by. Today is very special because it marks six years since the release of a book I wrote called Wicked Flower: A Sin Pointe Novel. You can click HERE to hop to the Wicked Flower book page and to avoid any spoilers if you haven't… Continue reading Happy 6th Anniversary Wicked Flower + Deleted Scene


Smashwords Summer/Winter Book Sale!

Greetings to you, smile. I hope this quick little note finds you well, and if you're not feeling quite at your best, I hope it finds you on your way there. A quick fix for me is often just standing up from wherever I'm at in my home and stepping outside. Even just a few… Continue reading Smashwords Summer/Winter Book Sale!


Epic Twilight Roadtrip

Knowing where to start this is even more difficult than knowing where to start one of my novels. You see, my family and I just returned from an epic road trip adventure in which we hopped in our Honda Civic (her name is Luna) with our two dogs and drove the entire coastal length of… Continue reading Epic Twilight Roadtrip