The Misplaced Mermaids Are Ready To Be Yours!

Hello there and Happy Lunar New Year! First things first, I hope 2022 is either off to a great start, or that you are on your way there. I hope that whatever it is that helps you in this endeavor shows up and finds you. I send my love and support.

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And now, I am happy, joyful, honored and excited to share that my next creative endeavor, The Misplaced Mermaids, is now available! Whether you enjoy holding a print copy in your hands or prefer a digital format at your fingertips, or both, you’ll be able to get a copy at most book retailers. I will include purchase links at the end of this post.

To tell you a little about this project … it’s unique. That’s for sure, and that makes me the happiest.

The gorgeous cover art is an original piece created especially for The Misplaced Mermaids project by local San Diego artist, Jared Black Lazer. I’ve been a huge fan of Jared’s work for years and was so honored to have his art be a part of this. If you’d like to see more of what Jared does (trust me, you want to see it), click HERE.

Within this collection, you will find twelve individual stories, ranging from a good novella-sized read all the way down to a quick minute-long read. You’ll find a holiday tale and a fan-fic (based on my love for Steve Perry and Harry Styles, big smiles). Some fantasy, some traditional fiction as well as some true-life inspired fiction based on unique encounters I’ve had in my lifetime. There are a couple which I’ve patterned after one of my favorite artists, Ted DeGrazia, who famously described his paintings as being “always completed but never finished”.

At their heart, they are all love stories.

I find a common thread is one that encourages having a kind heart and an open mind, doing your best to honor yourself (because this is not always easy but it’s important) and live a life true to what is really in your heart and soul. Being hardworking and understanding that believing in yourself is the way to go.

I’ve never felt comfortable doing or accepting things simply because “it’s the way it’s always been done”. Why not throw out all the comparisons to “the norm” that we may have made or been given. I find that those types of ideals and comparisons are stifling to the true, one-of-a-kind magic that is YOU.

In closing out this little post, I’ll leave you with the “what if?” idea that sparked this collection for me:

“What if there was a mermaid who her whole life had grown up in and lived in the desert, happy as could be, except for all the people around her constantly telling her she didn’t belong? That her existence was wrong, didn’t make sense, and shouldn’t be possible. Yet, in her heart, there she was. Living and breathing as she’d been created. Knowing she should not listen to them. ”

To the mer-spirit in all of us. I truly hope you enjoy reading these stories. I hope you’ll find me on the web and share what you think. Have a fantastic rest of your day and as Harry says, treat people with kindness (that includes yourself)! By the way, it’s Harry’s birthday today so Happiest of Happies, Harry!

Always love!

Carlene Love

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