The Comfort Boy, A New Release!

A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.”

Maya Angelou

Today is a unique and special day. It is the original Armistice Day, instituted as a symbol of peace after World War I, the war that was to end all wars. It then became Veterans Day, a day when we honor those people who continue to take up the oath to preserve and protect our freedoms.

Spiritually, it is a day marked by the number 1, four times over. The number one traditionally represents new beginnings, creation and positivity in bringing your dreams and wishes to life.

And for me, it is the day that I am able to share with you my newest story. I began writing The Comfort Boy nearly ten years ago, after a dream I’d had about a grandparent who had been found in a dreadful way by her sleep deprived granddaughter. That quote I’ve included at the top by the beautiful soul, Maya Angelou, frames the story well, and hopefully reminds us that what is lost is not really lost. The Comfort Boy evolved and a very unique character made his way into the fold. I’m calling it a bedtime story with a twist. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In closing, I wish you heaps of fresh thoughts, newly discovered joys, and reawakened passions. Along with that, a gentle reminder that you can make the next moments in your day the best ones yet. You just have to decide. And commit yourself to acting from a place of love at all times. Happy November 11th!

You can pick up your copy of The Comfort Boy HERE.

Always love and my best to you and yours,


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