Smashwords Summer/Winter Book Sale!

Greetings to you, smile.

I hope this quick little note finds you well, and if you’re not feeling quite at your best, I hope it finds you on your way there. A quick fix for me is often just standing up from wherever I’m at in my home and stepping outside. Even just a few steps onto my front walkway works like magic. And then a few nice, deep loving breaths. Here in San Diego we are enjoying a cool morning with just a light amount of clouds to give it that “sleepy” vibe. It’s a nice vibe. How is it in your neck of the woods? I’d love to hear.

And, it’s a great kind of day to do some reading. Which is why I want to share with you, wherever you may be in the world, that two of my e-books are currently on sale over at Smashwords! They call it their Summer/Winter book sale because while it’s summer in one hemisphere of the world, it is winter in the other. Clever, I like it.

From now until July 31st, you can get my short tale: Human Giant Angel Mermaid, for FREE and my full length novel: In A Man’s Hands, for $1.00. So head on over there and check out not just my books, but all the wonderful reads available. Here’s to building that summer reading list! Access the sale by clicking HERE.  Always love, and Happy Early 4th of July! ~Carlene

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