Going Hero Deep with Scarlet Chastain!

I love romance novel heroes and I know you do too. Which is why I’m inviting special guest authors and their heroes to select and answer two questions for us. The questions come from a list I designed to dip into what really lies underneath and within all that strapping, heroic yumminess. I am thrilled beyond belief to have snagged Scarlet Chastain for us today! Please give a warm welcome to Scarlet and her hero, Mark, as we see what the man of  I Kissed a Girl in Vegas is willing to share…

ikissedagirlinvegas1lQuestion One: When is the last time you missed the chance to say something to someone and what kept you from saying it?

Mark: I’m the king of missed opportunities, Carlene. I’ve been in love with my boss, Gianna, since…well, let’s say it’s been a long time. I’ve wanted to tell her, but I couldn’t risk losing my job. Don’t get me wrong, jobs come and go. There are many opportunities here in Vegas for an experienced and discreet maitre d’, however if I lost Gianna…that would destroy me.

I feel for you, my friend. Here’s to hoping you get your chance with Miss Gianna very soon. If not, I think I heard quite a few hearts accelerate at your use of the words experienced and discreet.  😉 

Question Two: What are the top two things on your mind when you’re out with someone special?

Mark: The only thing on my mind is making them feel special. I’m a lucky guy because I have two wonderful women to cater to, Gianna and Tessa. Both are special to me in different ways. Gianna calls the shots in our unique relationship, but my job is know what she needs even before she knows it herself. Tessa’s not used to being pampered so it’s a joy for me to spoil our girl.

It is with absolute certainty that I say this … you have garnered some new admirers with that answer. Tessa and Gianna better watch out! Thanks so much for sharing with us today, Mark. xoxoxo

Friends, are we ready for a little more from Mark’s story, I Kissed a Girl in Vegas? Here you go!


Tessa Walker’s business trip takes her to one of the poshest hotels on the Vegas Strip. Nursing a break-up, she can use of weekend of fun and sun. Little does she know, her pool cabana mate is none other than famous chef and restaurateur, Gianna Lucini, who introduces her to the world of great food and forbidden passion. Continue reading

Welcome Naomi Clark! The Beast of Birch Hill #NewRelease

Fear not, friends. I have just the thing to add a little zest to your Friday. Please help me welcome Naomi Clark and her latest release which looks to be a real scorcher, The Beast of Birch Hill!


TBOBHBlurb: Wildlife photographer and cryptozoology blogger Emma Jordan came to Birch Hill expecting to find another urban legend. The rumours of a big cat stalking the woods around this quiet town surely had to be just that – rumours. But when the evidence starts to pile up that Birch Hill really does have a killer cat on the loose, Emma finds herself caught in a confusing game of cat and mouse. And her blossoming relationship with Abi Blakely might just be pushing her further into danger.

Available from: Amazon US / Amazon UK / ARe / Evernight

Excerpt: A couple of hours later, showered, changed, and feeling human again, Emma headed back to Abigail’s Bakes. She told herself she was just looking to grab a quick lunch and sit somewhere pleasant while she updated her blog. Privately she had to admit it would be nice to just look at Abi while she worked.

The place was much busier than it had been that morning; it was full of kids and families jostling for table space. Abi and a younger girl worked the counter with cheer and ease, and cafe was filled with chatter and laughter. Emma joined the queue, trying to catch Abi’s eye. When Abi saw her, she waved and favored Emma with that infectious smile. Continue reading

Welcome Elizabeth Monvey! My Werewolf Boyfriend #NewRelease


Thank you so much for hosting me!  I’m a fairly new author so I’m still in the process of getting my social media presence out there.  I love to make friends on Facebook and can be found HERE.

I’m a huge fan of paranormal romance and while driving one day, coming back from visiting friends, I thought up a werewolf story title. One of my favorite television shows is Bitten on the SyFy channel and so I used that as inspiration of my character Tony Lykes. He’s an enforcer for his pack, which will do anything to protect their werewolf secret, but when his boyfriend Aaron shows up during a full moon meeting, things get a little dicey.

This is book one in my “My Boyfriend Is…” series.  There is also My Vampire Boyfriend and My Alien Boyfriend, and I’m working on My Ghostly Boyfriend. On Sept. 11th I had my first fantasy MMM story release, Dark Rider.

Have a wonderful day!

You too, Elizabeth! That was a wonderful intro and I’m so happy to have you here on my blog! Friends, let’s see a little more about this hot new release with the absolutely gorgeous cover over there to the left. 😉  Continue reading

Welcome Doris O’Connor! Awoken by the Sheikh #NewRelease

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today. 🙂

You are quite welcome, Miss Doris. I am ever in awe of your imagination and so it’s always a pleasure to see what you’ve come up with next! 

What do you do on an island of sexual abandonment?

Hmmm, good question. Oh, you probably meant that for our lovely readers. I have some ideas but I’ll quit poking around in your intro and let you get to it. Friends, please read on. I’ve been following Doris’s Mid Week Teases on this story and you’re gonna want to check it out. As Doris was saying…

…That is the question Astrid asks herself as she speeds toward the shoreline. Having been bullied and cajoled into accepting the all expenses paid trip of a life time—you can’t really turn down a birthday present like that—Astrid is ill prepared for her encounter with the enigmatic Prince Rashid.

She never reacts to complete strangers like that. There must be something in the water, or maybe this newly emerging submissive side of hers is who she truly is?

I had great fun in writing this story, and I hope readers will like it too. (They will, they will!) Previously published as Awakening, this has been completely revised and is considerably longer than the original version. I knew there was more to Astrid and Rashid’s story and this is it. And it’s the start of a new series, called services to sisterhood, where fantasy fulfilment is the aim.

Sometimes you don’t know what has been missing from your life until you’re shown who you truly are…

Awoken by the Sheikh Continue reading

Mid Week Tease! The Boss Military Appreciation #MWTease

Yay! It’s Mid Week Tease Time, a fun weekly event that lets us authors share snippets of our work, hosted by the lovely Sandra Bunino!


I took last week off because a certain someone named Luke took over my blog during the Book Boyfriend hop. He had entirely too much fun and has been a handful to deal with ever since. But now the reigns are back in my hands. May is the month of Military Appreciation and so today I’m sharing a short slice from my soldier story, The Boss. Here, Cherie has been the assistant Nick has avoided all year long until he just couldn’t stay away any longer. Hey, when a guy needs a haircut this bad…Enjoy and thank you to all who serve or help our Military!

Cherie sat down on the edge of the tub, still gripping the clippers that had warmed her hands, ignoring the tiny dark hairs dusting the floor, her fingers, their clothes.

“I didn’t realize how much you’d remind me of him like this.” Continue reading

Welcome Ella Grey! Embracing the Tease

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to have erotic romance author, Ella Grey, here today with her newest release, Embracing the Tease, which is the 3rd book in her Black Rose Series. She had me at “lead singer” (love my rocker romances) and the fact he’s keeping such a heavy secret. Sounds like a great read and it’s also part of one of my favorite Evernight lines, Romance on the Go. So have a look and enjoy!



The Black Rose, 3

They both need to blow off some steam…

Lilith Yee is Madame Tease, except she hasn’t been doing much teasing lately. Alex has left her in charge, which means there isn’t time for fun. On top of paperwork and making sure Twisted Rope is still performing on Friday, she’s bored. 

Joseph Hall is the lead singer of the Twisted Rope. On the last leg of their tour, he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s kept a secret from his bandmates, one that is slowly killing him inside. He’s more than willing to put the decisions in someone’s hand. 

One night. No promises. Could it end up being the perfect beginning? Continue reading