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Friends … I goofed! Totally missed out on officially joining the linky list for this week’s teasing selection so please forgive me! Thank you so much, Miss Bunino, for bringing us back for sexy fun each week. Author friends, join in next week, won’t you? Check Sandra’s post for the sign up. With Valentine’s only a few days away, I knew I wanted to share from the book that started my romance writing career. Please enjoy this bit from Sidewalk Flower with one of my favorite couples, Trista and her man, Lucas “Lucky” Mason...

He gazed out into the sleepy nighttime sky that surrounded them, sure of what he was about to do.  He poised himself up onto his knees so that he could more easily remove the folded up handkerchief from his back pocket.  His head grazed the soft top of the Jeep but he ignored it to bring out the cotton that was folded over a couple times.  Unwrapping the folds, he held it out to her, cradling it in his open hands.  It was a beautiful yellow daffodil that he had plucked from the church’s flower garden.  It matched the color of the lively threads of the dress Trista now wore which brought a heat to his heart he couldn’t and didn’t want to cool down.

“Trista Jeane Hart, I would be honored and extremely happy if you would be my wife.  I love you, darlin’, more than anything in this entire world.”

He handed her the flower.

Sidewalk-Flower1MHe admired the way she tried to calm her trembling jaw with a soft, feminine hand and hold the flower in the other.  “You really want me, don’t you,” she said shakily.

“Oh Trista, you are insane.  Yes, I want you so badly, I’m about two seconds away from scooping you up and sneaking you into your old room, and having my way with you.”

“But I mean, forever, you want to keep me forever.”

“Forever.  Yes.”

“I would love to be your wife.  Yes Lucas!”



He bounced off his knees in his excitement and hit his head on a roll bar.  “Ouch.”  He lowered his head and Trista rubbed it for him.  “I kind of like the sound of that.  Yes, Lucas.  I think I could get used to hearing you say that more often.  Yes and Lucas.  Just like that.”

“I might be insane but you are a nut, Lucas.”

“So you’re going to marry me?” Continue reading

Mid Week Tease: Complications…

Mid-Week-Tease-Button-211x300Happy Mid Week Tease day. Today I’m paying homage to the couple who captured our hearts in Sidewalk Flower, the first Sin Pointe novel. Sometimes love is complicated…


His lips were soft and salty like he’d worked up a sweat at some point during the day. Crap, again she cursed his damn tempting bloodline. This would only complicate their pending trip even more. So naturally, when he smartly pulled her one hand away, she found a sweet spot of baby hairs with the other and went for more. Her rules—that was the only way to play with the boys and stay safe.

Lucky’s hands eventually cupped the sides of her face, which was fine because she had made her point.

“Are we okay?” he asked.

Well, hell if she knew. “Yes,” she said. They could figure the truth out later. There would be an endless amount of open road ahead of them come Sunday to think. Tonight was desperate Friday. “We’re good.” But she hesitated because he looked for a moment like he may have regretted things. When he coughed and cleared his throat, she was sure of it.

“Come on, Miss ‘We’re Good’,” he said, as he urged her the rest of the way to the back door. “I’d like to keep that promise I made Jaxon. You could go a little easier on me from here on out.”

Curious to see if Lucky was able to keep his promise? Sidewalk Flower available now at:

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On Tour!

Sidewalk-Flower cover

Road Tripping to a Blog near you in the month of January!  Here’s the remaining Sidewalk Flower blog tour schedule.  There are a few giveaway days including the one at Sorensen Shorts that’s open for entries until tonight (1/16) at 11pm ET.  Check it out.  Hope to see you out on the virtual highway of love!

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1/16                    Interview by Erin M. Leaf at Wicked Wednesdays

1/17                    Featured by London Saint James at London’s Scribbles

1/18                    Interview by Alethea Kontis at Waterworld Mermaids

1/22                   Featured by R. Brennan at Bex Book Nook

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My Favorite Cross Country Road Trip Pictures

I’m back in Virginia!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the 5,200 miles I just drove home to San Diego, CA and back.  It was the best road trip ever, feeling so free to just get in my car and drive from one coast to the other.  I love you, USA.  You are beautiful and diverse and nothing beats seeing you in person.  And a big ole thanks to Casey E. James for his song, “Drive”, which we played every morning as we laid rubber to the road.

I knew it would be a fun trip when this was the first vehicle I ended up following behind leaving Virginia.  Had to learn who Justin Moore was.

One of my first jaw drops came from visiting Grandma’s in Arkansas.  Yes, that big red can belongs to her, 77 and young!

The sunrise doesn’t get much prettier than this one peach-i-fying the sky over New Mexico.

These are San Diego Style Rolled Tacos.  They make me a happy girl.  I miss them already.

It definitely did not suck getting to see The Vampire Diaries cast up close and personal.

Cheers Y’all!  This Disneyland Mint Julep is for Grandma and her Mardi Gras friends up in heaven.

Because sometimes you just have to suck it up, put on that bikini and get your Sherrilyn Kenyon on at the beach!

New musical discoveries make my heart sing.  Meet the gentlemen of Steam Powered Giraffe.  Wish I could describe them to you but I think this photo says it all.

A mermaid’s got to visit her native waters in Cabrillo at the Tidepools.

The new and improved route back to Virginia via Ohio to see Casey James play.

Just us, the truckers and the sun rising over Amarillo, Texas as we head east.

Can’t imagine a nighttime swim gets any better than this as the moon glowed above in the sky of Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Guitars are made to be rocked.  The Casey E. James band made these ones sing during their show in Belpre, Ohio, our last stop before arriving home to Virginia.

That’s it!

xoxo  I HEART ROAD TRIPS  xoxo