Heated Cover Reveal with Lynne Silver!

Spring greetings, my friends! I’m just gonna cut right to the chase … Lynne Silver’s Coded for Love books are back and hotter than ever! I have read all six of the Coded titles and um, yes, they really are as good as they look. Great heroines and if enhanced soldiers are your thing in the hero department, need I say more? So go ahead and judge to your smexy, romantic heart’s content! And then download them onto your e-reader April 5th, enjoy!!

Cover Reveal

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

Three Hot Releases, Three Incredible Women!

Hello out there! Happy Tuesday everyone. I know I’ve been so quiet but I promise you it’s because I’m writing, writing, writing! But today guess what I’m doing? Today I’m CELEBRATING! Back in 2010, I joined the Washington DC Romance Writers group and they are by far the most amazing ladies (and one gentleman, Hi Tim!). Generous, brilliant and warm are the three words I’d use to describe them all. I could go on and on but I’ll just say that it was the first time I’d ever entered somewhere a complete stranger and left with true lifelong friends. And three of those friends have SMOKING HOT romance releases today. So it is my greatest pleasure to share with you… Continue reading

Love for my mentor…Lynne Silver #Beshert

Tell a person they’ve done a good job and often they will tell you the name of someone they couldn’t have done it without. For me, that person is Lynne Silver. This past weekend, Lynne was presented the Nancy Richards-Akers Mentoring award at the Washington Romance Writers annual retreat in Westminster, MD. I cannot tell you how honored I am to have had the nomination letter I wrote be a small part of that. If I’m a good writer, it’s because Lynne is an outstanding mentor to me…

Dear WRW (Washington Romance Writers) President,

I am nominating Lynne Silver for the Nancy Richards-Akers Mentoring Award.

I’m not sure when I realized that the lady I’d seen at monthly chapter meetings and Lynne Silver were one in the same. What I do know is that on November 16, 2011, my birthday of all days, I left a light-hearted, somewhat joking response to Pintip’s Waterworld Mermaids post about Accountability Partners. Lynne left a thought-provoking comment that had me staring at my laptop, hand over mouth, gawking. See below:

Carlene: I think I need an AP for shaving my legs! And writing of course but darn, with the cooler weather lately and the long pants, I’m just saying!!! Love your post P.H.!

Lynne: I’d love an accountability partner. I’ve been eyeing large wall calendars at Staples to start planning manuscripts and due dates. Hey- we all want to have multiple deadlines at multiple publishing houses someday, we might as well pretend we’re there now and get some practice in. Carlene, if you’re really looking, I’d love to be APs with you. Email me cause I also have something else to ask you about. Lynne

Lynne Silver wanted to work with me? You’d think I’d just been asked out on a date by Casey James! (This is major, friends. It would be the equivalent of most people in the room being asked to take a trip to the moon with Jamie Fraser.) I had a small freaking out moment as I read her words. And then I went and Googled Lynne and saw that she had published like, a load of books! They looked so good too. There were dukes and mistresses and debutantes, all super sexy looking to little ole me who had written a couple gigantic stories that needed serious work. She wanted to work with me? Maybe this Lynne Silver person was crazy.

In complete fan-girl mode, I wrote back to her. Don’t have a clue as to what I said but whatever it was, it must have been good because we became not just accountability partners, but critique partners. I actually do remember that she wanted me to read her work because of my infatuation with Sherrilyn Kenyon. Note to writers, let your freak flags fly and obsessions be known, they could snag you an amazing partner too. The first thing I read for Lynne was amazing, the first of her Coded for Love books. I loved it. It was pretty much flawless but I did get to have one moment where I felt worthy of being this woman’s partner. She’d misspelled her heroine’s name and also left a butt plug (can we say that in an award nomination letter?) (Sorry Ms. WRW President, wink) in place and forgot to remove it. Score one for little ole me ‘cuz I caught the mistakes! Now, I wasn’t just blushing and walking around the house grinning from reading Lynne’s super-hot writing (I’d never read anything like it before), I felt like I might be “writerly” enough to hang with her. Lynne was super appreciative of my comments, excited even, which made me feel overjoyed.


The book where those wee little mistakes were caught. 😉

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Going Hero Deep with Lynne Silver! #GIVEAWAY

I love romance novel heroes and I know you do too. Which is why I’m inviting special guest authors and their heroes to select and answer two questions for us. The questions come from a list I designed to dip into what really lies underneath all that strapping, heroic yumminess. Be prepared to release your inner dirty girl this day before Valentine’s Day because today’s guest author is Lynne Silver! And she’s giving away an ecopy of this sexy sweet book to one lucky commenter! Please give a warm welcome to Lynne and her hero, Aidan, as we see what the hunk from Waiting on Love is willing to share…

Waiting_on_Love_smallQuestion One: When is the last time you laughed really hard and what caused it?

Aidan: Currently I’m deployed overseas and most of the day is freaking boring with a capital B. Obviously me and my boys get a little restless and tricks are played on each other to pass the time. I’m a little nervous to put this in writing in case it gets traced back to me but all I can say is Staff Sergeant Rosado is going to examine every toilet seat before ever sitting on one again.

Aidan! You are an ornery one. I think I speak for everyone reading right now when I say Thank You for your service. And for being so dang cute.

Question Two: Speaking on intimacy, how do you know when it’s okay to ask for more?

Aidan: When she’s soft around me and making those little moans in the back of her throat, I don’t need to ask for anything, she’s giving me everything I need. And more.

(A thud sounds. Carlene has been left speechless and may need help getting her heart back in her chest. Carry on…)


After a disastrous vacation breakup with the man who was supposed to be The One, KK O’Brien decides she’s done. Love will find her when the time is right. Continue reading

Meet My Character Blog Hop…Sin Pointe’s Rhythm Section

Hello out there. I’m taking a day to sit down and relax with the rhythm section of ultra-sexy rock band, Sin Pointe. And this day wouldn’t be possible had the talented and lovely author, Xio Axelrod, not invited us to join her blog hop so big cyber kisses to her. Check out a charming and smexy chat Xio had with her own characters last week HERE. Now for Stefan and Will from my latest release, Wicked Flower

Me: Boys, it’s time. Please come on over and say hi to all the lovely people.

Stefan: Hey sweetie.

Will: Not funny, dude.

Stefan: What, I wasn’t talking to you, sweetie. I was looking out at all of Carlene’s sexy friends. Hey ladies. (Stefan’s giving you all a look that I want you to imagine would melt the polar ice caps right now. And of course he’s in all white, just for you.)

stefan white pjs

Stefan in his favorite color jammies 😉


Will: Ladies, snap out of it. Carlene, was he not looking directly at me when he said that?

Will: Snap out of it, ladies!

Will: Snap out of it, ladies!

Me: …(author debating for a moment on what to say next and whether she thinks she’s going to be able to wrangle two of her favorite albeit ornery people in all the world to finish this little interview)… Will, you are pretty sweet. Maybe Stef was just referring to that fact. Stefan, be nice. Continue reading

Cover Reveal…First Match by Lynne Silver! #CodedforLove

Are you a fan of Lynne Silver’s Coded for Love series? If ultra hot, enhanced soldiers fighting for their one true breed match sounds like a fun fantasy to have, then you’re gonna love these. The titles already out there for your enjoyment are Heated Match, Conquered Match, False Match, Desire Unmatched, and Desperate Match. And joining them September 22 will be the prequel to the super steamy series, First Match. I love these boys and I think you will too. So without further ado, I give you First Match…


Blurb: Allison Macclesfield wants—no needs—to be a rock star, and what better decade to do it in than the ‘80s? Music is her passion. She’s got her future mapped out. Move to New York, find a job, audition to be lead singer in a band.

Plans don’t include giving it all up for Peter Shepard, the sexiest guy she’s ever met. He’s nothing like the guys she’s known. Peter’s life is full of mystery, and though they believe they’re a perfect match, she can have him or her rock star dreams. But not both.

First Match is available for pre-order now on Amazon!

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out Lynne’s smoking hot new cover with me. Have a great day, all!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥