In the Pages of a Good Book Blogoversary Celebration & Giveaway: Friendship!

Blog-Invite-300x264When I heard about Beckey’s blog turning one year old, and that I could be a part of her celebration, I knew it was something I wanted to do. Through the blog “In the Pages of a Good Book”, Beckey has supported so many authors and books and it’s a real treat to get to thank her and congratulate her. And I love that she chose the theme of Friendship for the blog hop posts.

I recently moved from Virginia (where I’d lived for six years) back home to San Diego, CA. And tonight as I was sitting at the park where my son practices football, with the perfect weather all around me, I couldn’t help but think, “Man, this is the perfect place for the friends I made back in Virginia. But they’re all out there and now I’m here.” You see, I lived in Virginia for those six years, but it took me about four of them to come out of my shell and start making friends.

Real friends.

As an army wife the past twenty years who moved a whole lot, it was just easier not to become attached. Not making close friends meant not having to say goodbye to them when orders came down. It was a mistake I made for most of my hubby’s time in the service. But this group of Washington DC area women, they were a real force to be reckoned with. Once they had me, they really had me by the heart strings. Continue reading

A Wicked Release Day & Special Sin Pointe Series Giveaway!

Good morning to you.

Today is the day Stefan Calderon gets his book released into the world. Whenever I talk about his story, I usually throw in how intimidated I was during the writing of Wicked Flower. That’s because Stefan was just one of those guys who I had such a huge crush on and being me, and him being him, I honestly had no idea how I was going to write his words. They are some of the most honest and blunt things I’ve ever had to type out, not to mention downright naughty, but I’m glad I did it. For him. For his fans.

To celebrate this fifth book in the series, I’ve put together a very special Sin Pointe Novels gift pack filled with all kinds of goodies. Continue reading

Evernight’s Love Scene Blog Hop & Prizes! Feb 7-14

Love is in the air and what a lucky girl I am to get to share a brand new, hot love scene just in time for Valentine’s Day and written specially for you and this hop. But there are more sweet and seductive treats in store as you travel from blog to blog reading all kinds of scrumptious bits. My fellow Evernight authors know a thing or two about sizzle so enjoy!


Continue reading

Monday Cute Meet & Giveaway! Avery Flynn: High-Heeled Wonder

Have I got a Monday Cute Meet for you!!!! Not only do we have smart & sexy romance author Avery Flynn in the house but we’ve also got the adorable heroine of Avery’s new book, fashion blogger Sylvie Bissett! And…the chance to win a crazy cool High-Heeled Wonder giveaway! Enjoy this awesome guest post by Avery and be sure to enter to win. Before I place you in her capable hands, I just want to say that I loved this book! When Tony Falcon describes Sylvie as a “five-foot-three lemon drop”, I melt. This is one you’ll definitely want to read. And without further ado…

The Key to Survival? It’s in the Bag
By Avery Flynn

If your purse/handbag/pocketbook is anything like mine it is a black hole of crumpled receipts, mysteriously sticky Hot Wheels cars, pens without ink and change. I try to clean it out every few months, but have to admit I usually try to skip it because I’m a big chicken.

I know, I know. I write about the fashion industry and yet my own purse is a total mess. That’s why I sat down with the High-Heeled Wonder herself, Sylvie Bissett (shhh, come on play along with the crazy writer girl) to find out what every woman should have in her purse. Here’s what the hottest fashion blogger in Harbor City had to say.

1. Lipstick. Three shades. You never know when the mood to change will strike you. Plus, if you’re a slacker about cleaning out your bag *ahem Flynnie* you will always have the perfect shade on hand.
2. Mints. Nothing may taste as good as General Tsos from The Darling House, but it is killer on your breath—making it all the more awkward when you’re trying to get a lip lock on the hot private investigator posing as your boyfriend so you two can track down a stalker. Hey, it could happen to you.
3. Mad Money. You never know when you’ll find the perfect sparkly accessory or need to give the waitress an extra tip to ignore the fact that you spent most of your lunch making out—or thinking about making out—with your pretend boyfriend.
4. Smartphone. Perfect to read all your favorite fashion blogs other than High-Heeled Wonder (may I recommend Tom and Lorenzo or Go Fug Yourself?) or to call the cops when a demented human trafficker/fashion designer is holding you at gunpoint.
5. Ballet Flats. I’m taking a chance even telling you that I own flats, but when a woman is running for her life, heels aren’t always the best option. Go with something in a bright color that will add a perfect pop of flash to any outfit. Plus the soft kind will fold flat at the bottom of your bag.

Well there you have it. The key to survival is in the bag.

Enter the High-Heeled Wonder Shoes, Swag and Books Extravaganza Giveaway for your chance to win a $100 DSW gift certificate, books from Entangled Ignite authors releasing in January (Avery Flynn, High-Heeled Wonder; Jody Wallace, Angeli; Julie Rowe, Molly Gets Her Man; Caridad Pineiro and Cathy Perkins, Love International Style box set) and more!

Enter Avery’s fabulous giveaway by clicking here:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

HighHeeledWonder500High-Heeled Wonder by Avery Flynn

“When a fashionista and her bodyguard get tangled up together, watch out for sizzling sex and surprising plot twists.” New York Times best seller Rebecca York

Tony Falcon, an investigator from the other side of the tracks, is the olive oil to fashion blogger Sylvie Bissette’s Evian water, but it’s not just her temper he’s inciting. When Sylvie’s stalker almost runs her over in broad daylight, Tony must pose as her boyfriend to infiltrate the close-knit fashion community. In a world full of overblown egos and cutthroat ambition, Sylvie and Tony must work together to find her stalker before she ends up with a literal knife in the back.

Find High-Heeled Wonder here: Amazon / Barnes&Noble / All Romance eBooks


About Avery Flynn

Avery Flynn loves a hockey-addicted husband, has three slightly wild children and is desperately wishing someone would invent the coffee IV drip. Find out more about her on her website (, Twitter (@AveryFlynn) or Facebook ( She posts all sorts of fashion, reading and hero inspiration pictures on Pinterest (

Seriously? How cute is she with all those shoes? Big hugs to Avery and Sylvie for stopping by on Monday Cute Meet! Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway and happy reading.

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

Sin’s Haven on Tasty Review Tour + Giveaway!

It’s a Tasty Week for Ben and Hazel as their story, Sin’s Haven, is on Tasty Books Review Tour! Follow the tour and enter to win one of five digital copies of the book at each stop. Good luck and thank you so much for reading!


Tasty Tour Stops:

Jan 6th- A Tasty Read Book Reviews

Jan 7th- Busy Moms Book Reviews
(Stop 2) Snarky Mom Reads

Jan 8th- Escaping Reality One Book at a Time

Jan 9th- I am, Indeed

Jan 10th- Bookswagger

Always love,

Carlene Love♥


Evernight Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

Book Boyfriends…

They can be strong and sexy, dark and dangerous, rebellious and reckless or cute and quirky. We love to fall in love with these irresistible heroes and Evernight Publishing has them all!

The authors of Evernight invite you to a Speed Date challenge. Their cowboys, doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, shifters, even steam-powered heroes are waiting to meet you on each author website. 50 heroes in 7 days! Are you up for the challenge?

Pull up a chair and get to know every single one. I’d love to introduce you to my hero…

Sidewalk-Flower cover

I stole a few minutes with Lucky Mason, the tall, blond and handsome country cutie from Sidewalk Flower, while he was on his lunch break at the family wood shop today…

Me: (Lucky just handed me a small brown paper sack…awww, it’s a tuna sammy, my favorite.)  Hey handsome, thanks for the homemade lunch, what’re you up to?

Lucky:  (He steals a peek at what I’m typing here on my laptop and rubs his brow.) “You’re welcome, darlin’.  Oh wow, there I am, half-nekked.” (Points to the hunky Sidewalk Flower cover.)

Me: Oh shush, you are not half-nekked. Okay, maybe a little.  But trust me, you look SUPER YUMMY.  The ladies love it and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to send you over to mow lawns 😉  Wait a second, are you blushing?

Lucky: No.  (oh yes he is)

Me: So hey, I know you were nervous when I told you I’d signed you up for this fabulous Book Boyfriend thingy but you really are a great catch.  Ladies love a hard working country boy.  I was hoping you’d tell the readers about your ideal date.

Lucky:  Sure thing.  And I’m not nervous, it’s just that the last time you sent me off to California and put me up against all those rock star friends of yours, I got myself into trouble.  So yeah, simple and country is my thing.  If I’m lucky enough to be on a date with a special lady, I’d fix us something easy to carry in the cooler, pack up some blankets and drive us out to the Duck.  (That’s the river by Lucky’s house.)   Hopefully after we ate, she’d be up for some splashing around.

Me:  Well hold on there, Lucky.  I’ve been to the Duck.  It’s pretty raging in parts.  What if she wasn’t a good swimmer?  Worse, what about all the mud?

Lucky:  You’re right, I didn’t think about that.  Shoot.  Well, luckily for us both, I’m the biggest thing that would be in that river so she’d have plenty to hold onto.  Hopefully she’d let me make that muddy part up to her.  I guess that’s where that blue bath stuff I picked out would come in handy.  (Long, strong Lucky Mason is grinning like you wouldn’t believe…)

Me: Lucky, what’s that all about?  You better tell me, mister.

Lucky:  Well, that t-shirt you’re giving away, I was just thinking how cute a girl would look in it after I brought her home soaking wet from the river.

Me:  Ditto!  Sort of.  I was just thinking how cute she’d look wearing it while reading your story.

Lucky:  That would be um…hot, actually.  Well on that note, I better get back to work.  Tell all your lady friends I hope they forgive me for the muddy river idea.  I’d sure be lucky to take them anywhere they wanted to go.  I’d like to hear some of those places.

Me:  (Hugs) Will do.  Hey, you’re a stud hero in my book.  Work it, baby.  (He walks off, shaking his head and that long, dark blond hair.)

What’s up for grabs?

  • One lucky hopper will win a KINDLE PAPERWHITE eREADER sponsored by Evernight Publishing.
  • Every book blogger/reviewer site is giving away one free eBook from Evernight (winner’s choice of any eBook from Evernight Publishing’s website).
  • Plus, each author offers their own unique prize! So visit each blog hop stop for a host of fabulous prizes to win.

How to enter?

You heard it from Lucky.  He wants to know your ideal date.  Be sure you leave the answer and your email address in the comments below to be eligible to win his prize which is:

-“My Book Boyfriend Brings Me Flowers” Cotton T-Shirt (with “I got Lucky!” and Sidewalk Flower cover on the back) Lucky Prize

Blue Fun 4-in-1 Chamomile & Lavender Bath Soap by Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

-Sidewalk Flower Swag

-Lucky’s Lucky Tic-Tacs

-Silk Flowers for Lucky’s Girl

♥For an extra entry into Lucky’s giveaway, simply sign up to follow my blog at the top right & let me know you did so in your comment.

After you’ve met each hero, click here to vote for your favorite book boyfriend. You’ll earn an extra grand prize entry!

Keep hopping to the next author or blogger. Click here to visit the rest of the Blog Hop Authors and Bloggers!

You’re one step closer to meeting your next Book Boyfriend…

Read all about Lucky in Sidewalk Flower, available now at Amazon  and Evernight Publishing

Always love,

Carlene Love♥