Going Hero Deep with Doris O’Connor!

I crush hard on romance novel heroes and I know you do too. Which is why I’m inviting special guest authors and their heroes to select and answer two questions for us. The questions come from a list I designed to dip into what really lies underneath all that strapping, heroic yumminess. Today’s guest author is a lady who inspires me to blush on a regular basis, Miss Doris O’Connor! Please give a warm welcome to Doris and her sexy heroes, you heard that correctly. Two heroes!! I wonder what George and James  from Under His Boss are willing to share…

underhisboss3Question One: What’s the last completely spontaneous thing you did?

George: Giving James that card. I saw it in a shop at lunch time, and thought to myself, “Fuck it. I’ve got to tell him somehow.” I nearly chickened out, but then he went to the loo, and Nora was cleaning his desk, and well… I left it for him. You have no idea how nerve wrecking that was.

James: I bet it wasn’t as nerve wrecking as taking George to see my sister. That was very much a spur of the moment decision, after he sprung that card on me. Kenna can be…unpredictable to say the least. *laughs* However, I knew I wanted more than just sex from George, and if he could cope with my sister, and her husband’s unconventional family, then we were off to a promising start.

Ohhh, brave souls! Those unpredictable first family meetings, yikes! Nerve wrecking as it was, it sure sounds sweet to us. xoxo

Question Two: When is the last time you laughed really hard and what caused it?

George:  He did. *points at James*

James: Ditto, we have a lot of fun together. *waggles his eyebrows* Continue reading

Wintery Welcome to Doris O’Connor! #NewRelease

Happy Monday, friends! I know it’s not technically winter yet, but with holidays, festivities and snow falling on the site, I’m calling this month’s guest spotlights our Wintery Welcomes. I’ve asked everyone stopping by in December to tell us what their characters would most like to find under the tree. And who better to kick things off than the utterly fabulous, sexy, imaginative Doris O’Connor! Sending out warm, cozy wishes to you all and to Doris, thank you so much for visiting today. Now let’s see what you’ve brought us…


Thanks so much for having me on your blog today, Carlene 🙂

What would my hero most like under his Christmas tree? Hmm, pre Emilia, Hunter would not have known how to answer that. He doesn’t celebrate Christmas—at all. I’m afraid you’ll have to read the book to find out why.

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Welcome Doris O’Connor! Awoken by the Sheikh #NewRelease

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today. 🙂

You are quite welcome, Miss Doris. I am ever in awe of your imagination and so it’s always a pleasure to see what you’ve come up with next! 

What do you do on an island of sexual abandonment?

Hmmm, good question. Oh, you probably meant that for our lovely readers. I have some ideas but I’ll quit poking around in your intro and let you get to it. Friends, please read on. I’ve been following Doris’s Mid Week Teases on this story and you’re gonna want to check it out. As Doris was saying…

…That is the question Astrid asks herself as she speeds toward the shoreline. Having been bullied and cajoled into accepting the all expenses paid trip of a life time—you can’t really turn down a birthday present like that—Astrid is ill prepared for her encounter with the enigmatic Prince Rashid.

She never reacts to complete strangers like that. There must be something in the water, or maybe this newly emerging submissive side of hers is who she truly is?

I had great fun in writing this story, and I hope readers will like it too. (They will, they will!) Previously published as Awakening, this has been completely revised and is considerably longer than the original version. I knew there was more to Astrid and Rashid’s story and this is it. And it’s the start of a new series, called services to sisterhood, where fantasy fulfilment is the aim.

Sometimes you don’t know what has been missing from your life until you’re shown who you truly are…

Awoken by the Sheikh Continue reading

Welcome Doris O’Connor! The Mating Project


Fridays should be fun, right? I’ve got just the lady to help us out…the amazing Doris O’Connor! She’s back with another new release from her Project Series. It sounds wonderful but let’s let Doris tell you all about it…


Thanks so much for hosting me today. I’m incredibly excited to be sharing Maria’s story with you. I knew I had to write her story from the minute we meet her in book one of the Projects Series, The Orgasm Project. In that book she sets up her best friend with her brothers. In book two of the series, The Bear Project, she is there for her human work colleague Emmi, when she comes back from holiday mated to a bear shifter, and we get the first glimpse at Maria’s complicated love life…

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Welcome Doris O’Connor! Interview and Spotlight: Through the Dom’s Lens

Hello friends! Today erotic romance writer, Doris O’Connor, is back for a visit! She has not only brought her newest with her, Through the Dom’s Lens, but also happily agreed to answer a few questions for us. Thank you,Doris, and enjoy, Everyone!

Doris O'ConnorCarlene: What do you love about the opening scene of your book?

Doris: It shows the relationship between Sally and her sister, and sets up the story. And it’s simply put what jumped into my head one morning when I woke up with the idea. Still makes me smile. 🙂

Carlene: What is one awesome thing about where you’re at in life right now?

Doris: Living my dream of writing, and my awesome super supportive hubby/Sir.

Carlene: My favorite part of a book is what the characters say to each other. What is your favorite exchange of dialogue in your book and why do you love it?

Doris: This one: Continue reading

Monday Cute Meet! Doris O’Connor: The Housewife and the Film Star

Welcome! It’s Monday and the perfect time for a Cute Meet. I’m not going to take too long with an introduction except for to say that if you haven’t read a Doris O’Connor story, you’re missing out! Her writing is special and I’m always entertained and touched by her characters. Lucky for us, she’s got a wonderful new release to tell us about today. I’ve snuck a peek and love the premise. I’ll let Doris take it from here. And, cue…


Thanks so much for having me here today.  🙂

What would happen if Mrs. Ordinary meets Sweden’s answer to Brad Pitt? That is the premise behind The Housewife and the Film Star, and one that I had great fun with. I can’t be the only one who day dreamed about her latest celebrity crush and wondered, what if? Continue reading