So in one week from today, we (Trista, Lucky & I) will officially be published!  That is just so crazy and pretty darn cool.  Evernight Publishing–we are grateful for the opportunity you have given us.  I, for one, am proud of this accomplishment but honestly, I’m just so honored to be sharing Trista & Lucky’s story with you all.

Sidewalk-Flower cover

Today I was reading through some of my favorite authors’ “For Readers & Writers” sections on their websites and I always enjoy hearing their thoughts on characters.  Where do they come from and how do they write them so that they feel real?  I try asking myself those same questions and what I come up with is that in some form, the characters already exist.  They are real.  I’m just the fortunate girl who gets to spend time with them until I know them well enough to share their story.  It’s really a pretty awesome thing and everyday from here on out, for the rest of my life, I’ll be the proud mama of this first book.  Lucky, Trista and I are holding hands and sitting on the edges of our seats that you all will enjoy their love story, with all its ups and downs, twists and turns.  We can’t believe the day is nearly here.

See you all January 11 for many fun events celebrating Sidewalk Flower’s release including:

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Always love,

Trista, Lucky & Carlene Love