One of my great joys is helping writers with the editing of their manuscripts. If you are looking for someone who cares equally about the integrity and heart of the work, you might consider hiring me to help you. Please use the CONTACT page to get in touch with me about pricing and your project to see if we would be a good fit for each other. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy writing!

A bit from some of the wonderful writers I’ve helped over the years…

“Carlene helped me during the editing process of my book. I was underwhelmed with the support I was receiving from the publisher’s editor; I could tell they were not doing a deep enough of a read, which was giving me great anxiety re: the accuracy of my manuscript. I was connected to Carlene and I employed her on two different occasions to help me edit my book. She delivered a very deep and thorough examination of the text within a very short time frame on both occasions. Throughout my correspondence with her, she was swift and generous with her continued support. A lot of questions come up when you are in the eleventh hour stage! If it weren’t for Carlene’s over-and-above efforts and talent, my book would not be the professional-grade I needed it to be. I am proud of it today, and owe a lot of thanks to Carlene!” ~Sonya Cooke, Creator and Author of Seven Pillars Acting, Owner and Head Teacher of: Seven Pillars Acting: LA Studio & The Actor’s Studio of Orange County.

“I have been working with Carlene for over five years. What I truly love about her editing style is the thoughtfulness she puts into each manuscript. I know that when Carlene reviews my work she won’t only look at the grammar and technical aspects, but also the overall project. She makes sure that what I’m working on is cohesive and inline with my brand. After her thorough review, I feel more confident when I send my manuscript into my editor. With Carlene’s help, I have published five novels, two novellas, and a short story.” ~Kerri Carpenter, Award Winning Author of Sweet and Sparkly Romance Novels, including titles with Harlequin and Entangled.

“Carlene not only edited my book, I Didn’t Know I Was Dying and How I Live(d), she helped me physically assemble it from ideas and scattered thoughts (pages and pages laid out in her garage) into a cohesive story. She is thorough and asks all the right questions to prompt you, the writer, to not only fill-in potential gaps but make your story more compelling. She is my go-to editor for all story ideas, blogging and my next creative adventure. ~Kate Hutchinson, Self-Published Inspirational Author and Content Creator at The Good Network.