Baby Steps: A Sin Pointe Extra Love Scene Free Read


Spoiler Alert: This is an extra love scene I wrote that takes place after Jaxon and Lily’s happily ever after in their book, Sin’s Flower.

©2014 by Carlene Love Flores. All rights reserved.

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Photo credit Charlie Keller

“The Bugscuffle Inn. Oooh, outside your dad’s shop. And let me think…L.P. Field’s parking lot. Definitely my top three.” Lily tugged a bite from her red licorice and then sucked the air with it like a straw. “Want some?”

Just thinking about those nights and seeing how his wife’s face lit up with a bitty of pink blush when she listed them made Jaxon’s blood thunder. Recalling the steam on the car windows after the Titans game made him smile.

“All at the top of my list too, baby.” He bit the end of her offered Red Vine and then gently tugged her soft blonde hair from where it had become stuck between his shoulder and the backseat cushion.

Lily and her adorable missions. The practice sessions, she’d called them, preparation for where they were tonight, made his heart swell but the fierce need to keep her safe was foremost in his mind. He kissed the top of her head, trying to ignore her sexy curves peaking from her summery clothes, while he scanned the cars parked in their row of the drive-in movie theater. Fuck if he could just make love to his wife here and now. Why couldn’t it be that easy?

If he wasn’t purposefully keeping his lust in check, the flowy, light purple top she had on with his favorite keyhole opening in front would have him forgetting everything he needed to concentrate on.

Their surroundings.

Her safety.

He tried to tone down his anxiety and breathed in deeply. For a second, he slipped and became trapped in that keyhole. The skin under it and two creamy swells hinting at her cleavage. Jaxon’s resolve cracked. He slid his thumb in that opening and rubbed a small circle round the sprinkling of tiny moles that lay between her breasts. Her chest heaved for him. God, she was so beautiful. His to love. His to protect.

Lily took the hair he’d loosened for her and tossed it behind her head then scooted up his chest. Her hands left his belt loops, trailed up his tattooed arms and landed in his hair. Her hips dipped to his, touching so seductively. She gave him a look after rubbing and letting herself settle over his still controlled dick. The one that should be rock hard right now if he’d let it. She squinted, telling him she knew what he was doing and didn’t like it.

“Honey, we’re safe here. Just like all those other places.”

Not entirely true. Those other places had either had professional security or else they’d been in his Land Rover which just felt more badass than the blue Ranchero he and Lily had driven here tonight. Jaxon couldn’t stop looking at her, waiting for the moment when he didn’t just hear her words, but felt them too. “I’m trying, baby. So hard.” Watching the patience lace with desire for him on her face, he silently prayed, Please don’t ever let my dumb ass hurt this angel.

He would die if anything remotely close to what had happened with her sister ever happened to Lily. After all this time, he still thought about that. Guess he always would.


“Yeah baby.”

He felt Lily’s body through her thin clothes with every press she made to get comfy in the tight backseat. His mouth was hot and wet but could he let himself get lost in tasting her out here tonight? Fuck, he wanted to so badly.

“Trust me,” she said, holding his face in her hands, her lips a sliver away. “Nothing bad is going to happen tonight.”

Maybe it could be that simple, if he’d just let go of the horrible night with Trissy and realize Lily had snatched him from those dark times. Made him a better person. Her hands petting his face and neck told him she would never let him slip back to that emptiness of his old life.

With that acceptance, he lifted the hold keeping his senses in check. The first thing to hit him was her warm fruity scent mixed with his horny, musky dude smell and the way it settled into the leather seats.

“I love you, Jaxon,” she whispered through bitten lips. “It’ll be okay.”

She smiled victoriously when his arms squeezed her to his chest and his bulge began to grow.

So cute.

She had no idea what she was in for.

“Honey, trade places with me,” she said into his neck, sending a tickling sensation that made its way past his defenses. He couldn’t help but lift his hips and seek out her warmth he’d claimed and called home.

“Hmm?” he managed to get out. She wanted underneath him? Maybe he was the one in for a surprise but being on top was fine with Jaxon because then he could continue to look up and scan the lot. Jaxon obliged and bumped heads, arms and legs with Lily until she lay under him, staring up with utter trust on her face. The contact jacked up his pulse and hardened him even more. She glanced down and saw it too.

Biting his lip, he finally let go of his steely control and guided her leg until it touched and teased him to such a stiffness it was close to pain. She took over and slid her shin between his legs, in and out, driving him insane.

The cars parked beside them he’d been cataloging all night, the movie lighting up the nighttime screen, the popcorn he’d kicked over getting her in the backseat, it all fell away as Lily, for the first time since they’d been together, was the one to push his shoulders downward. She guided him until his face was flush with her sweetness. Jaxon’s face must have shown his surprise as he felt his eyebrows lift and his jaw fall open. He swallowed against the inside of her thigh and the shred of skirt still hanging where it belonged. He gently pushed it out of the way, aware Lily was being her very bravest right now. He was stunned and proud, knowing how nervous she always got whenever he went down on her. What she did next nearly melted him.

“Jaxon, I trust you.” Lily’s hands left his shoulders and she cupped them over her bent knees then pressed down, letting her legs open as wide as they could in the confines of the backseat.

“Oh shit, Lily. You’re sure?”

“Baby steps,” she whispered and then arched her back. “I want to take them for you. With you.”

Jaxon tugged down on his favorite purple panties, feeling a sudden playfulness when he tossed them into the front seat. That’s when he knew he was in the moment with her.

That’s when he knew she was in serious trouble.

He dipped his head and sent up one last silent prayer. Thank you. After that, it was all about his wife. He kissed her stretched out hand and then replaced it at his shoulder, mouthing the words “My angel” against his favorite hot, silky spot. He delivered a lick so long and deep he knew she’d probably sealed her eyes  shut. Aware of what he was putting her through, he turned his licks to gentle kisses and suckling until her knees stopped trembling.

“I can feel you smiling down there,” she said to him after letting out a deep breath that tumbled down her tummy and cooled his face.

Relief at the joy in her voice did that to him. “I am.” She was his fucking rock and so generous. “Thank you for this, baby,” he said in between kisses and nibbles and her delicious little thrusts and quivers. “How many movies play tonight?” he added.


Her answer was a short pant. She was getting close.

“Good because I’m nowhere near being done with you.” His grin then was decidedly wicked. He pressed his mouth against her soft hairs, a second before her wet sex shook and her knees shot closed, locking his head in place.

“Sorry, honey,” she panted.

“Baby steps,” he said through his grin.