Red Nose Day: A Very Doable Way to Help Kids

You know what’s so great about May 24th? Easy. It’s Red Nose Day this year and that means helping kids and having fun. If you’re like me, you want to help. You might not have a lot of extra money in the budget, but you do have great ideas from time to time on how to go about helping. You just aren’t quite sure how much of an impact you’re capable of making or how to go about getting started. Friends and family would describe you as quiet by nature, but when opportunities cross your path to do a good deed, you’re usually up for helping out. Maybe you pick up stray trash while walking the dog, or maybe your kid’s school sends home a flyer about the next food packing event and you make sure to be there. So your heart is definitely in the right place, and you just need what I call “doable” opportunities. This is why I love Red Nose Day so much. It’s a great opportunity and absolutely doable!

Last year was the first time I participated in Red Nose Day. Don’t get too excited. I didn’t do much. But the important thing is that I did something. Continue reading “Red Nose Day: A Very Doable Way to Help Kids”

Anchors and Uplifters

Hello, and welcome!

I’m very happy to be here today and to share this blog post with you. I know it has been a while, and I am truly appreciative to be here writing again. As I think about the future and the limitless possibilities of it all, I’d like to dip back into the past, all the way back to April of 2011, when I became a part of the group of fantastic fiction writers known as the Waterworld Mermaids. I’m so proud to say that seven years later we are still going strong! What a great group of individuals. Truly. Alethea, Dana, Denny, Kerri, Kim, Masha, Pintip and Susan have been such genuine anchors and uplifters, not only for me but for so many in the writing and reading communities. It was such a pleasure and honor to get to assemble and narrate this piece for them this week. Continue reading “Anchors and Uplifters”