Connecting with the Why, not the what

Hello everyone out there!

5I hope your April is off to a great start. Mine has been rich, we’ll say. Rich with new experiences and thoughts. From hosting a bachelorette party for the first time (on April Fool’s Day no less, and I’m embarrassingly awkward and shy so you get the picture) to prepping for this weekend’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books where such iconic heroes as Buzz Aldrin will also be appearing (my mind is beyond the moon that I’ll be there signing too, just craziness). It’s definitely shaping up to be a month to remember.

When a month like this hits, when you can just sense that the norm will not necessarily be the norm, I feel it’s always a good idea to assess yourself, see where you’re at in life and with your goals. And one thing that was posed to me last month that still has me thinking today, by the incredible author and teacher, Mary Buckham, was a very simple question. She talked to my writing group about what we are writing. Once we all kind of figured that out–you know, our specific genres and subgenres–she then got “real” with us. Mary explained that readers don’t buy what you write. They buy why you write what you write because that is where the special connection between a reader and author is formed. And then she challenged us to figure that out. Amazingly, the answer came to me as clear as day. (This is not usually the case. I think too much, do you do that too? Try to come up with one simple answer and end up with thousands of “could be” answers? You’re not alone!) But to this question, I knew right away.

My why is simple…

I don’t ever want you to feel ashamed or alone. I think one of the worst things that can happen to a good-hearted person is that they make a mistake, or something bad happens to them. An unforgiving person (or society) then shovels so much unwarranted guilt and shame on top of them that they can’t dig their way out. This can happen to a child or an adult. Their good heart is buried, and the rest of us never get a chance to see what it was that made them so special and unique. I write so that I can show you those souls. I want you to see and feel their worth. In turn, I want you to remember your own worth.

Whatever it is that you do, I’m inviting you to share your “why” here in the comments. Or if it’s something you’d like to keep to yourself, something you’re not ready to share yet, I’m always understanding of that too. I hope I’ve helped by posing the question. If you can answer your “why”, then I think you’ll be primed to take on the month of April like a champ. I’m in your corner. I know what you’re worth. A lot.


If you have a chance, come on out to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. I’m happy to say that general festival admission and all outdoor programming is free to the public! I will be signing in Booth 916 on Sunday, April 10th, from 2 to 5 pm. I hope to see you there! Click HERE for the romance author signing schedule and HERE for the festival at large. Serioulsy. Buzz. Aldrin.

Always love (to the moon and back),

Carlene Love♥

4 thoughts on “Connecting with the Why, not the what

    • Hello Sweet Liz ❤

      Thank you so much. I will take the smile you just put on my face and tuck it in my pocket for safe keeping. You are a wonderful friend and one I am grateful to have. Happy April, my dear. xoxo

  1. I write because I have this “pull”, no matter how uncomfortable it is to write and share my story, a pull to inspire others to never wonder “what if.” Give them hope that they CAN start checking off items on their bucket list, whether it be plan and take a trip, start a business (at least try) or plant a garden. Live with #noregrets. We are not meant to pay bills and die. xo

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