Make A Difference in 2016

7Hello everyone♥

I see you out there. Hope you’re smiling.

I’d like to take a moment and send you all my best wishes and thoughts for this new year we’ve already delved into. I know there are a million and one things we all hope to accomplish each year and I truly am rooting for you (and myself, because goodness knows I need the motivation too!).

I decided this year that every day, I’m simply going to make a difference.

It can be small. You know, something like rescuing a worm who’s about to be dried out in the middle of the sidewalk. You find a stick and give him a lift. Easy peasy.

It can be medium. Someone you know needs a ride somewhere. Or, your kid’s sports team is running really low on snack bar volunteers. The coffee is usually on the house and pretty good. Sometimes they give you a donut. I’m there.

It can be large. Earlier this month, I happened to be driving to get my oil changed. On the way, I passed a dog who had been hit and was lying in the road bleeding but was clearly still alive. There were people standing around him, making sure no other cars hit him, but when I asked, none of them said they knew who the dog belonged to. They were doing a very important job of safeguarding him but the dog needed to get to an ER and none of them seemed able to do this. I realized quickly that’s why I’d been driving by at that exact moment.

With some help, I scooped the dog, who had no tags, into the back of my truck and drove him to get medical care. I would have hung around all day, checking to make sure if the dog was okay, but the Pet ER staff said it was best that I go. They would call the shelter and handle things from there. I offered to take responsibility for him but they said that by law, they are required to put him in the shelter system in case the owner is searching. I understood.

I checked on him throughout the day at the hospital, fearing I’d find out that he hadn’t made it. He’d lost so much blood. But miraculously, he’d been stabilized. And then, after calling local shelters and leaving a report of what had happened, I was matched up with his owners who had also been calling, frantically looking for their lost pet. I was able to speak personally with the owners and give them the address to where their beloved dog was being cared for.

Later that evening, the dog’s owner called to let me know that their family had had the blessing of getting to be with their pet for his last few hours. In the end, his injuries had been too extreme. But that kind woman, who I’d never met and probably never will, thanked me from the bottom of her heart. She called me “Oscar’s” angel. I was very humbled and touched that in her heartbreak, she’d thought to say something so kind. She doesn’t know it, but she also made a difference that day, to me. Her words were a true example of selflessness and grace.

Maybe you’re slaying your new year’s goals, finding victory at the end of each day, or maybe you’ve fallen behind and figure your best bet is to wait until 2017 and start fresh. Whatever it is, I invite you to join me in this easy quest of Making A Difference each day. You can start today, even. You know the easiest way to make a difference? Just think a good thought for someone. Easy peasy. Difference made.

Happy New Year to you and yours♥

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

be here now, do no harm.



4 thoughts on “Make A Difference in 2016

  1. Your kindness & fearlessness make you a Heidi angel to all critters! Love your ability to share your heart, mind & soul! You lead the pack!

  2. Hmmm, well I am in a quandary, do I make a difference for the worms in my dirt, or for the chickens in my coop…..our funnest part of the day is taking my shovel and turning over the dirt for them so they can search for some high protein food sources to help keep them warm at night. What to do, what to do?

    • I’m sure I should not be smiling quite this big at your quandary. Oh my goodness. Well, we all have different life purposes, even worms. 😉 I think I’ll leave it at that. Your chickens are precious. I think you’re doing just fine. xoxo

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