Just Desserts Blog Tour: J.S. Snow Spotlight!

just desserts

Feast on this collection of 22 Contemporary and Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Erotic stories from bestselling, award-winning and multi-published authors, in this limited-time anthology. All stories are exclusive new content and can be read without reading the series, but will be icing on the cake for readers loyal to each saga.

just desserts2JUST DESSERTS – A Collection of Bite-Sized Delights 22 Bestselling, award-winning and multi-published authors bring you the naughtiest delights.

Michele Bardsley ~ Honey Bear ~ The Pearson’s Security Series

Renee George ~ Alpha-Bites ~ The Cull: Claimed by the Alpha

Jodi Redford ~ Perfect Passion ~ Perfect Chemistry

Zara Cox ~ Indigo Velvet ~ Indigo Lounge Series

Renea Mason ~ Tasting Paris ~The Good Doctor Trilogy

Piper Denna ~ Confidential Craving ~ Fantasies Inc. Series

Erzabet Bishop ~ Black Magic Café

Iyana Jenna ~ Strictly Professional

Anne Lange ~ Blind Taste Test

S.J. Maylee ~ Common Grounds

Terri George ~ Feast on Me

Lee Rene ~ The Sweetness in the Pudding

Mindy Larson ~ Sweet Tooth

Felicity Kates ~ Super-Sex Me ~ The Little Miss Kick-Ass Series

Emma Nichols ~ Sinfully Sweet ~ The Sweet Series

Libby Sinclair ~ Cake Topper ~ The Incarnation Chronicles

Rissa Blakeley ~ A Little Taste of Naughty ~ The Shattered Lives Series

Mariah Kingsley ~ Sugar and Spice

Rosemary Rey ~ Always the Last One

Persephone Jones ~ Cherry Tart

Christine Severin ~ Cherry Lips

J.S Snow ~ Claiming

And now friends, a special piece written just for us by gifted and generous, an author I admire so much, J.S. Snow…

A Day in the Life of an Author, the Balance … by JS Snow

Being a writer in this modern age, especially being indie can be challenging. Most hold full time day jobs, as well as being a parent and spouse. The key I believe in juggling it all and keeping your sanity at the same time is knowing your priorities. What are they? For many whom I know these are theirs as well as mine: God first, family second and career third. So where does writing fit in? Where can you add it once your priorities have been satisfied for the day?

Sit down and really look at your daily routine. Don’t make excuses, if you want this, then find a way to achieve it. I discovered by waking up just an hour earlier every day before the rest of the household awakens and becomes the focus, I can devote that precious me time to my writing.

If you truly want something bad enough, you’ll do what it takes to achieve it. The story is there, the characters are talking, now it’s simply a matter of making room for them on the priority list.

JS Snow TeaserClaiming by J.S. Snow

A stand-alone erotic short story

erotic romance

Celebrating the success of his number one New York Times Best Selling work, Will Clayton decides to in style with a mouthwatering filet served in the finest five star restaurant, and then later claiming his woman in the most intimate and ultimate way.

The outgoing and sexual adventurous Jay Hodges is more than willing to sate Will’s craving for her beautiful ass, all the while satisfying cravings of her very own.

About the Author

J.S. Snow began her literary obsession at the tender age of eleven with the first voluntarily read book Dear God It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blum. Only a few years later her fascination with fictional offerings really took root as she stepped into the mind of one of her hero’s Stephen King through his work Christine.

Now that her fascination with fictional literature has firmly taken root, she is now seriously considering a twelve step program for her e-reader addiction, feeds her fascination of fiction with new literary offerings via her coveted e-reader, has a passion for dark chocolate, sweet tea and Heavy Metal music. She is the proud mother of a downright spectacular daughter (who was head banging in the belly) and lives with the belief that the mind where the imagination lives is a far more entertaining place than TV or movies ever will be.

J.S. Snow currently resides in Central Florida and has been in the administrative office field for twenty eight years.

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A huge thank you to everyone stopping by to check out this wonderful new anthology! And from the bottom of my heart, thank you to J.S. Snow for sharing that bit about wanting something and making it happen. I found it very inspiring! Have a wonderful week, friends and check out these stories! 

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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