Mid Week Tease: Sin Pointe’s magical webmaster, Big Ben!

MWTease15Welcome to Mid Week Tease!

I’m thinking of the number 70 right now. Why? Because that’s how many days there are until San Diego’s Comic Con 2015 happens! I love me some Comic Con but the last time I’d been able to score tickets, or as we call it a badge, had been 2010. That was a good year. I had the honor of sitting in on Andy Whitfield’s final Comic Con panel. Such a beautiful soul. Every year I’d try again to get registered online and within minutes, it would sell out before I had the chance. Sadness. But then I found out I could apply for a special badge, one for creative professionals which included authors! I just had to submit an appropriate piece of work I’d created and wait to see if the magic would happen. Guess what? It did! Today I’m teasing you from that very special book, Sin’s Haven (A Sin Pointe Novel, #3) about a quirky, gentle giant of a webmaster for a little band you might have heard of called Sin Pointe. I owe Big Ben, big time. He so sexy and sweet and in a bit of a confusing tight spot…

He shook his head, trying to understand last night. The problem was, his pride might be swelling on one hand but on the other, he felt like a huge ass wipe. He’d slept with a woman whose name he couldn’t remember and oh yeah, he didn’t do that kind of thing. It wasn’t anywhere in his nature. Jaxon and Stefan made women melt at the mere thought of the things those guys could do to them. Unless a chick was super into a personalized website or slick Facebook banner, Ben didn’t have much woo factor to offer. And a one-night-stand-to-blow-your-mind was definitely not on his menu. He wouldn’t have slept with Erby on their first date and he’d known her for six years! Okay, maybe he would have last night…

“I suck and ow,” he said, holding his head in one hand while his elbow dug into his knee. Closing his eyes, he tried to remember Haven’s hands on his legs, maybe playing with his knees. It was a hot fantasy, but he got nothing. “Great, just great,” he muttered and then stood up and flushed, even though he hadn’t even dropped his trousers.

It was time to make his way out.

But what if she was out there, waiting?

An apology. That’s what he owed her. A big ole I’m sorry. This woman might have been pleased with her experience but she should know he wasn’t that kind of guy.

As he dragged his reluctant feet from the stall, her kiss popped onto his lips. He remembered. She’d tasted like sweet cherries. He was so screwed. He knew he’d messed up and had no idea how to deal with this which meant avoidance until he figured it out. What would Jaxon do?

“You’re not Jaxon, dip wad. You’re Saint Benjamin,” he told himself as he swallowed, and followed the narrow hallway from the back office up to the café.


He needed some and if she was up there, he could invite her to have a cup with him. And maybe talk. Nerves brewed heavy in his stomach as he pushed open the curtains that divided the club from the café. Why in the world he chose that very moment to start worrying about condoms was beyond him. But he fumbled for his wallet and found the one he kept still tucked into his bill fold.

“Oh shit.”

The confused and hurting part of Ben couldn’t help but wonder if there was a back entrance for the club. And somewhere else he could get coffee. He should kick himself for even having those thoughts. Who had he become overnight? He was a stand-up guy.

Before he could decide on anything, a hand with chipped black nail polish slinked through the slit in the curtains and someone he recognized was soon standing in front of him.


Wanna know what that’s all about? Check out Sin’s Haven HERE. ♥

That’s my tease this week! 

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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