Mid Week Tease: Men Writing Romance!

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Happy Hump Day, friends. Thank you so much, Miss Bunino, for continuing to bring us together for this quick, sexy reading fun. Author friends, join in next week, won’t you? Check the bottom of Sandra’s post for the sign up. Readers, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to check us out. This week I’m doing the tease a little differently. Here are the deets: 

the lead in … quick QnA with dedicated & awesome MWTease reader, Liz Castillo ♥

the tease … Primal Desire by the talented gentleman romance author, Axl Goode ♥

my hope … that you’ll check out tomorrow’s post on Men Writing Romance at The Waterworld Mermaids ♥

Mr. Axl Goode and Mr. James Cox will be sharing some romantic insight you won’t want to miss and I’ll be giving away their books, xoxo.

Q: Sweet Liz, as a dedicated romance reader I’d love to know if you find the idea of reading romance novels written by men intriguing?

A: I do find it intriguing that men even attempt to write romance novels. For a man to attempt to break the stereotype that only women can write romance, I must applaud them.

Q: Do you think a romance novel written by a man would be different than one written by a woman?

A: I think that the formula needed to write a romance novel should be the same across the board. However, I think that when it comes down to the details, women have a bit more finesse for the little things. The couple of books I have read by men have had a great story, but it felt like something was missing.

Q: If you had to guess, what do you think a male romance writer’s strengths and weaknesses would be?

A: I think men are just as capable as women to tell a story, no matter the type. A great story makes for a fun read.

Well said, Sweet Liz! Thank you! And now for the tease…

downloadHere Zane has come to Brenley’s rescue and they’ve just finished the meal he’s prepared for her at his secluded cabin…

She looked over at him. Fire danced in the reflection of his eyes. He leaned back lazily, sprawling across the floor. He was resting on his elbows with his hair hanging back freely. He was wearing his classic black fitted tee with jeans and biker boots. His face was beautiful. His whole body was beautiful, for that matter. He was proportioned perfectly. Brenley flushed with heat as she looked at his full lips, remembering them pressed up against hers.

She didn’t understand why he even liked her but was secretly hoping to get another chance to feel his lips against hers. He could have any woman he wanted. He had dated any number of supermodels. Why was he interested in her? She didn’t think she was especially pretty, not like a supermodel at least. She was fit but it wasn’t her job to have pictures taken of her.

Even if she entertained the idea of her and Zane it would never happen. He would only end up breaking her heart so it was best to not let him close at all. She needed someone more down-to-earth, someone who would value and cherish her. She couldn’t take the heartache she had experienced with Warren again.

Looking over at Zane, her eyes met his piercing gaze. At that moment, she felt like she was the only thing in the world that mattered to him. Her heart rate sped up. Holding his gaze for a moment, she finally looked away. She was definitely starting to feel the wine at this point. Her vision had a slight blur to it and her inhibitions seemed to be growing smaller by the minute.

“I love sitting by the fire like this on cool nights,” Zane said.

“Me too. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that seem to be the best.”

“Definitely. This place is like a refuge to me when I need to disconnect from my life and everything is moving too fast. It lets me come back to myself and reconnect with what’s important.”

“You’re very different from who I thought you were.”

“Oh really? How so?” he said in a playful tone with his lips curling up into a slight smile.

“Well, I guess I just imagined you as a city boy who was rather shallow. You have this playboy type of image, always dating supermodels and hanging out at upscale places. You just didn’t seem grounded, I guess. Like you were larger-than-life. I’m not saying that you’re not all that. Only that I would never have guessed you had this side to you.”

“I am larger-than-life,” he said looking into her eyes. Brenley wrinkled her nose in consternation. Okay, Mr. Humble. “Joking. I’m joking. Geez, don’t take things so seriously.” He laughed. “Seriously though, I appreciate that. I maintain an image because I like the attention and it helps me sell myself for roles. If I’m larger-than-life it only makes directors want me all the more. Most people have a very poor idea of who I really am, though.”

“That makes sense. So who are you really then, Zane Anthony? This is your chance to impress me.”

“I don’t think so…I don’t think I have to impress you at all actually. I don’t want someone who I have to impress. My take on you is that you don’t really care about my status or money or any of that. You care about who someone is and how they treat you. You want what plenty of people want. To  be loved for who you are, taken care of, valued and most importantly to be safe with that person. You want someone who is on your level as a partner. That’s why I’m attracted to you, I think. You don’t care about all the extra stuff in my life. If you wanted me it would be for the right reasons.”

Brenley’s insides twisted into a knot. How could he know her so well while hardly ever talking to her?

That’s this week’s tease! 

If you’d like more from Primal Desire, you can find it here:

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12 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease: Men Writing Romance!

  1. Definitely agree with Liz that men can write great romance ( Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet pops into my mind ). And love Axl’s tease hitting it dead on the head with “to be safe with that person” making everything possible.

  2. Great tease indeed. I’ve read a number of romance novels written by men and really enjoyed them, The sex of the writer makes no difference to telling a good story imo 🙂

    • Hi Doris! Completely agree with you. I do find the very subtle differences very intriguing although I have to say that when I read Primal Desire, I was only aware of this at first. After the first few pages I got wrapped up in a really great story!

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