Mid Week Tease … Open Up #MWTease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease!


I’m so happy I calculated wrong last week and discovered this week that I am still in town for this hump day and get to share a tease with you all! Thank you so much, Miss Bunino, for bringing us back for sexy fun each week. Author friends, join in next week, won’t you? Check Sandra’s post for the sign up. With Stay for Me having just released on Monday, I hope you enjoy this snippet from the next book in the These Three Words series. This is still in WIP form but here is a bit from Let Me See… 

So angry she nearly cried, Drew finally sucked back the tears in her throat and screamed for her boyfriend. Jay, her sweet, tender, but prank-loving boyfriend, owed her a towel so she could wipe the water droplets that hadn’t been taken care of by the dry Vegas air filtering through his apartment and cover herself up. A view of her front half blurred by in the bathroom mirror as she moved. The sight of her skin motivated her to hurry and kill the light switch before he answered her call. She loved his attentiveness, just not when he did stuff like this.

A couple soft and zingy raps at the door zipped along like a song, fitting Jay’s goofy personality perfectly. She hated being this worked up over his silly prank but that was the thing. He knew better. She’d always been frank about this one thing with him. Tonight, he’d crossed the line and sexiest, most kind man she’d ever met or not, she was pissed. So dang pissed.

“Open up so I can give you your towel,” came his voice, the one she loved because it never failed to make her smile. The hint was there, telling her he was still feeling playful and nowhere near ready to actually close his eyes and go to sleep.

stayforme1sThat’s my tease this week, xoxoxo. If you’d like to spend some time with Jay’s good friends Sam and Emma, check out their story HERE. 🙂

Now off you go for more tantalizing teases from some outstanding authors!

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I’ll be away in San Antonio, Texas starting tomorrow for the Wild Wicked Weekend Conference but I’ll see you back here next week for more teasing fun! Have a great week everyone!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

13 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease … Open Up #MWTease

    • Ooooo, I hope you like it! Dear sweet Liz, I was once again very inspired by my recent night out with the Chippendales so this story should flow pretty nicely over the next few weeks. Hopefully and fingers crossed. 🙂

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