Going Hero Deep with Carlene Love Flores! #GIVEAWAY #ReleaseDay

It’s Stay for Me’s release day! I decided to jump in and partake of the hero deep questions and turn the spotlight on to super fine Mr. Sam Jason. He has selected and answered two questions for us from the list I designed to dip into what really lies underneath all that strapping, heroic yumminess. Thank you for letting me by my own guest author today! Lol. I’m giving away an ecopy of Stay to one lucky commenter! Please give a warm welcome to my hero and yours, Sam, as we see what the former soldier turned sexy dancer from Stay for Me is willing to share…

stayforme1mQuestion One: What is your favorite song and why?

Sam: Hi Carlene. Hi Carlene’s friends. Ladies, I admit I’m not a great dancer but I like to move around the house with something good in the background. I got caught making breakfast to “Uptown Funk” this morning. That ever happen to you? It was kind of embarrassing but apparently my guests found it pretty entertaining.

Hey, hon! Thanks for letting me share your story with everyone. For the record, you’re a great dancer and you should know that your fans’ favorite song is “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias and I bet you don’t even know why. 😉 

Sam: I mean, he’s a great singer and a good looking guy. Not too surprising the ladies would like that number.

Silly Sam! They like it because of YOU! I’m finding a picture and fitting it in here somehow. Ladies, imagine this guy pulling off those white military gloves one finger at a time. Yeah, it’s pretty darn exquisite. 

Sam: Really? Something that simple? And now I’m embarrassed again. Hey, where’s my next question?

Wait! Here is that pic I promised…




Question Two: What is the last thing you dressed up as?

Sam: Hey, you’re not the only one with pics! A fan snapped this shot and sent it to me. I’m going with it. Can’t really complain when boxers are approved work attire. Man, I love me some boxers. Hey, I hope you ladies have a wonderful day and that some lucky guy is treating you right tonight and every night.


Aww, you’re such a sweetheart, Sam. I think I can speak for the ladies when I say THANK YOU for sharing. xoxoxo


One night to finally make it right before it all gets torn apart…

Two years ago, best friends Emma Chester and Sam Jason tried being intimate. Due to Sam’s massive size, it didn’t work. Emma was hurt. Embarrassed, they did their best to move on. Now the day has come when Emma must suspend Sam as a dancer at the club they work at, awakening the buried pain of that one night.

Sam has seen this day coming but is shocked when Emma asks him to strip for her just once before he leaves the club. Allowing himself to feel for her again is too dangerous but she’s clearly not in her right mind and needs him.

Can he maintain his restraint and help her?

When she hands him his uniform to strip out of, is she handing him her heart? Or is it too tattered to ever belong to him again?

Sam likes candy corn, costumes and being read to in bed but he’d gladly read to you … if only you had a copy of his book…

Evernight / Amazon / AllRomance / BookStrand


The room was dark and chilly, and her breathing echoed in his ears. He went in search of the light switch. The low bulb setting purposely only lit the room one shade lighter, but it was enough to see the shadow dampening her pretty face.

“Okay,” she said out loud, like she was her own coach. “Okay.”

“We’re out of here, Emma. Now.”

She held up her small hand and he’d have latched onto it had his hands been available. “No. We’re not leaving. I’m fine. I just needed a second,” she said. That wasn’t her “I’ve got this” voice. She was acting and not doing a very bang-up job of it.

Sam had no choice but to touch.

He fumbled around and found her other hand and took it into his, receiving an instantaneous jolt of comfort. He hoped he affected her the same way but couldn’t be sure. She was awfully still.

Emma looked at the neon hands of the wall clock. “We have one hour before the second show lets out,” she said.

“I’m assuming you have some plan, Emma.” God, please tell him she had a plan. Because the only one he had was to let go and keep his hands to himself, no matter what.

She stared through him and scanned the near nothingness of the room. “I do. I do have one. I want you to strip for me, Sam.”

Meet Me, Carlene:

I am a big fan of the stars (especially Orion), honest music (especially Depeche Mode), and my traveling family (no favorites there-I love them all). These things inspire my intimate style of romance writing. I feel honored to be a member of Washington DC Romance Writers (WRWDC), RWA San Diego (RWASD), and the Waterworld Mermaids. I currently live in the San Diego area where I can often be found listening to live music and looking up at the sky on clear nights.  If I could touch someone’s heart with my writing the way others have done for me, I’d say truly there never lived a luckier girl.

I would love to hear from you, find me here:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Evernight / Goodreads / Pinterest / Facebook Author Page

Friends, thank you so much for stopping by and reading Sam’s post today. This book was inspired by a very special weekend I spent in Las Vegas with my mom and it means a lot to have it out in the world. Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered into the ebook giveaway. I’ll have Sam choose a winner tomorrow. Just tell him what song you’d love to see a man dance to. Then, be sure and come back to see which heroes will be stopping by in the coming weeks and months. Have a great week, everyone, xoxoxo.

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

**Male dancers photo credit: Carlene Love Flores**

8 thoughts on “Going Hero Deep with Carlene Love Flores! #GIVEAWAY #ReleaseDay

    • Why thank you, sweet Liz. The funniest part is this book was inspired in October, written in November, edited in January and released today! It was a whirlwind and I pray it was worth the wait!!! As author lady, I definitely had a great time doing the research. 😉 Hugs!

  1. I love your hot guys Carlene! Thanks for sharing Sam with us!! The book sounds like a really good read!! And those pics remind me of a time my cousin brought me to a chippendale’s show for my bday one year, and I somehow ended up on stage getting a lapdance. I really don’t know why or how I got picked lol! My cousin dared me to go by the stage with the other women & volunteer myself & me thinkin “I won’t get picked!” said sure & went by the crowd & put my hand up. Next thing I know i’m being pointed at by Mr guy with the mic & being called up on stage! That was like a “Holy Shit!” moment for me lol! I’m super shy & quiet, & I still can’t believe that happened to me lol. Just one of the crazy adventures to happen to me. =)

    Take care & I hope you have a great week!
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

    • Brandi with an i!!! So good to “see” you here. Oh. My. Gosh. You lucky girl. Somewhere in my “research” for this series, I read that the dancers often pick girls who don’t look like they are trying to get up on stage. Me thinks that must have happened to sweet little you. I, for one, think that is awesome. I didn’t get to go up on stage during the show but afterwards I did to say hi and take a picture. Was expecting sweaty and sticky but got soft and dry skin, that was a cool little tidbit to take home with me and file away. 😉

      Have a wonderful week too! xoxo

  2. Reading this late but love the tease & can’t wait to buy & read your new book. I do have candy corn. And best dance strip song is Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing of course! 😉

    • Uh oh, Sam’s ears just perked up at your mention of candy corn. Imagine Scooby Do when he hears Scooby Snacks. 😉 That is an EXCELLENT song choice. Thank you for checking out Stay for Me. You’ll have to be sure and let me know what you think of it. xoxo

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