Mid Week Tease! Good S Words…#MWTease

Welcome to a new season of Mid Week Tease!


Happy 2015, friends! I hope week 2 of the new year is treating you kindly. Thank you so much, Miss Bunino, for bringing us back with that gorgeous new graphic. Sexy and pretty. For my tease today, I’m sharing more from Stay for Me, book 1 in my new series with Evernight. Here is a short, unedited snippet picking up where we left off last week from Sam and Emma’s story…

The cheesy name of their club made Emma cringe as she ignored the female patrons’ desperate, horny cries. Although, as assistant show manager, she gave herself a mental pat on the back. They were doing something right, no matter how many complaints she got against the new, no-tipping policy and yeah, the name. Okay, and the cock socks too. Geesh.  

Considering possible alternatives for the club’s name—the only thing she was willing to bend on—she passed by the towering door marked with the capital black S, stopped and considered it for a minute. Her shoulders sank then shot up, stuck on a jerky repeat like a broken record. Hard, heavy plastic of the clothes basket dug into her side the longer she stood there, aware she was breathing too fast and shallow.

Here at the club, that letter was supposed to stand for good S words.

Seductive. Secret. Sanctuary. Depending on the dancer, Sweet even.

But there was nothing safe, and certainly nothing sexy about the words the S conjured up for Emma.

That’s my tease this week.  Look to add Stay for Me to your e-readers this February!

Now off you go for more tantalizing teases from some outstanding authors!

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See you back next week for more!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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