Mid Week Tease! Sin Pointe’s Big Ben at the helm… #MWTease

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease!


Happy hump day, friends! With Christmas Eve only one week away and lots still to do to prepare, I entrusted this year’s final tease to Sin Pointe’s genius webmaster, Big Ben. Smoochies Benny for helping me today! Smoochies to our hostess, Sandra Bunino, for her year-round merriment and cheer! See y’all next year!

It looked like much hadn’t changed this year. He twisted his mouth to the side which Lily noticed right away. She reached way up and he felt her fingers softly try to rub his lopsided frown away. Not in a sexy way or anything, because that would be all kinds of wrong and Jaxon would murder him, but her touch felt really good. Sort of like most things he witnessed as the glorified errand boy between Sin Pointe and their women.

These boys and girls did a lot of touching. He sat, feeling Lily’s fingers slip down to a sisterly pat on his shoulder.

Just the thought of nearing his thirty-first birthday and the prolonged bout of celibacy he’d inflicted on himself nearly gave him the shakes. Most everyone who knew Benny thought of him as sweet. No really, that was the exact word his boss and roommate, Jaxon, had used to describe him just the other day. Well, if they could read his thoughts right now, they’d be in for a red-blooded surprise.

As he stood there looking down at Trista and Lily, he couldn’t help but think something drastic was going to have to happen so that he might finally end up with a girl.

The girl. Erby.

There had always been something about her. She had that quirky oddball quality, kind of like him, that made him feel better about his own freakiness and therefore less like a freak. If he ever had her to himself, he’d peel away all her punk rock armor and appreciate the soft, smooth woman he dreamed about beneath it. Maybe she’d be okay seeing the real him too. He shook the thought of Erby being revolted away and cracked his knuckles.

“Benny, be still,” Trista said as she bounced her little monster on her hip a few more seconds before handing Eddie over to Lucky. Benny smiled at the pip squeak who cooed back.

See, that right there. That was awesome. Yeah, Benny could admit it. This past couple years, he’d thought of wanting something like that, at some point. While he wasn’t envisioning pint-sized, bright-haired little ones with Erby just quite yet, it wasn’t completely off his radar.

Oh, the baby making would be uh-may-zing. But so would be the other stuff.

He liked kids and they liked him. Trista told him it was because of all the striped clothes he wore which were easy for them to see. He was pretty sure it was because they liked pulling his long hair and drooling on his most favorite wool caps. Now if he could just convince Erby that she was missing out.

“I think I’m gonna call her. Like, now. Are you almost done?” Thoughts of the looming, all-important band camping trip excited and scared the crap out of him, way worse than tonight’s birthday gathering. How many years had he gone alone? Every single one.

That could not happen this time.

Benny considered calling Erby again and inviting her to join them at the coffee club. If she came, maybe he could ask her to be his camping date.

But he’d already left that message.

Twice this week.

He understood how busy she must be with her band not to have responded.

And why couldn’t he keep his mouth shut? Announcing his need to call Erby just now had plunked a big ole frown on Trista’s face. He fidgeted with his bracelets, pulling the rubber and letting them slap back against his skin, and wondered if he would ever be someone’s other half.

Just then Lily was at his side picking cat fur from his sleeve. “When you said her, did you perhaps mean Erby Wells?”

“Uh, yeah. Why?” He’d lived with Lily and Jaxon long enough now to know when Lily was acting all girly and coy. Sometimes it was fun to join in the act with her but that usually got more jokes from Jaxon. Nothing meant to be hurtful because he knew Jaxon could give a crap about whether Benny was into dudes or not.

But that was the thing.

He liked girls.

A lot.

They just didn’t like him back. Not like that anyway.

sinshaven1mThat’s Carlene’s tease this week. I’m happy she let me chillax here with you peeps today. Oh, I forgot I’m supposed to mention that up there is from my book. I never thought in a zillion years someone would write a story about me, much less include sexy stuff in it, but I’m grateful Carlene did. Check out the cover dude. I have gigantic muscles. Sweet. Damn,  but I can’t stop smiling at the hot red head. She’s a haven all right. And she’s mine. Freaking unbelievable. She’s my present every day. Sorry for rambling; she does that to me. Guess it’s time for me to peace out. I give a pretty good cyber bear hug so here you go — Cool. 

Now off you go for more tantalizing teases from some outstanding authors!

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10 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease! Sin Pointe’s Big Ben at the helm… #MWTease

    • Liz??? I’m so stoked you stopped by because now I can wish you a proper Merry Christmas. I tried to sign your card, but, it didn’t work out. I’m not supposed to say why. MERRY CHRISTMAS, LIZ!

    • This is so freaking cool. Doris freaking O’Connor just said she loved me. Okay, maybe she didn’t say that exactly but I think we’re at a really strong “like”. Ignore me, Doris. A guy just gets a little excited sometimes. You’re the one with a big family right? I hope you get to chillax with them this Christmas. Peace.

    • Oh, I know what those initials stand for so I owe you a big ole cyber hug. I was just looking for a good book to take on the next band camping trip and then someone reminded me that the goal is not to be reading the whole time. Wish me luck, Nicola, I may need it.

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