Mid Week Tease! A Sin’s Flower Christmas: They can’t go inside…

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I’d like to send a special Happy Birthday shout out to our hostess, Sandra Bunino, you rock our socks! Thanks for organizing us each week for the tease. XOXO

Remember those childhood toys where we first learned to “walk the dog” and “travel around the world”? Well, that’s me. I’m a teasing yo-yo it seems! I was all set to share more from my wintery, reindeer WIP when I got the wonderful news from Evernight that the second book in the Sin Pointe series is now available in print! So to celebrate, I’m sharing a bit from Sin’s Flower. Here, Lily and Jaxon are away from the rest of the family’s Christmas gathering, trying so hard to find their way to that first kiss, and hoping that everyone won’t hate them for it. Hope you like…

sins_flowerShe wasn’t going anywhere, ever.

How long would it be until he did that thing in that place again? She extended her jaw and neck, watching him looking at the spot just behind her ear, the inch of skin between it and her hairline. She’d already memorized how the tip of his nose felt, nudging around the area and then the ridge of his upper lip teasing behind it. Then the way his bottom lip chased all those flowery sensations away. And replaced them with hot, warm, sucking pressure.

Oh my God, again. She didn’t know how much longer she could watch the driveway, the cloudy gray sky, Grace’s dress form in the granny flat’s window that was creeping Lily out right now.

This was crazy.

But as she lowered her chin to accommodate his nuzzling and sucking, what she saw made her never want to close her eyes. It was a beautiful view of his neck and the permanently inked rose thorns, what she’d thought before were tiny sharks’ teeth, forever pricking their way up his slightly weathered, tanned skin. The trail of the thorns looked painful, like tracks, while the one his suckling tongue had just blessed her with felt so good.



“Can I close my eyes, please? As beautiful as your neck is, I feel weird with my eyes open.”

“I’d rather you didn’t.”

“Why?” she asked.

His lips left the lucky spot behind her ear. That wasn’t a look of pleasure on his face.

“You said without trust, we could never be friends.”

She nodded at his words as he finally touched her again. His fingers glided as far as they could into her hair, pulled back, tangled and messy. “As hard as it is for you to believe this, I do trust you, Jaxon.”

His head sunk, causing the tuft of dirty blond bang, half spikes and half pompadour, to fall and break from its perfect form. He let it dip for a few more seconds and then up came a more sincere, less arrogant looking man.

“Lily.” She watched as he bit at his lower lip while saying her name. “Did you enjoy what we were doing just now?” He smiled soft and soberly, his voice deep and naughty, his warm breath a godsend.

She blushed. “Yes.”

“Then this is your next lesson. Please, just do as I ask.”

What was there to think about really? He hadn’t even kissed her lips yet and she wanted desperately to find out how that would feel, whether she had turned into a Popsicle or not. She didn’t understand what his thing was about this open eyes policy but he’d asked nicely. For him.

“Okay,” she gave in.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Jaxon.”

“Shh,” he said, and then stopped himself just as their lips would have touched for the first time.

Surely she looked like a crazy person this close up. Damnit if her eyes weren’t about to cross in such close proximity while staring into his. She had to blink. Refocus. When she did, it was like she was staring at a lost soul. But he was brave and tough too. Like he’d fight you if that’s what you really wanted, only to admit later that all he really wanted was to go home and sleep it off.

Jaxon’s lips were beautiful this close up. She imagined the soft creases in his full pink flesh holding tiny little bursts of his taste.

“What are you waiting for? Kiss me.” She couldn’t believe she’d just made that request. As soon as the words left her mouth, she wanted to slink back into the corner because she knew he was about to say no.

* * * *

There was no saying no to his Lily. He wasn’t letting her get away from him now. Not after that brave little invitation she’d just broken him with. Dammit that he couldn’t take her inside.

That’s my tease this week! If you’d like to spend more time with Jaxon and Lily, you can do that HERE. xoxo

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