Mid Week Tease! Ungranted wishes…#MWTease

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease!


I’m in sunny San Diego, California and it’s snowing! On my blog that is, but I’ll take it. To keep in the holiday spirit, this month I’m going to share more short snippets from that winter story I’ve been working on since this summer. As always, a shout out to Sandra Bunino, you rock our socks! Thanks for organizing us each week for the tease. From my WIP, Set for Two, where Anden has just been told he does not have permission to travel and grant one very important Christmas wish…

Andens homeA grating, chuffing huff tumbled from Samren’s muzzle and Anden knew he was about to be ordered to forget.

No, you will stand down. We don’t travel unless there is sufficient magic calling us. You know the rules. It is too dangerous a risk, even on the call of a selfless. If you were to be stranded between the worlds … Anden, you should think of your family, the young brethren bulls in your charge who still need their training, as I should have done.

At this, Anden did bow.

Samren continued. Have you forgotten the year of your majority is arrived? Samren groaned again, sending more steam to the night sky, illuminating the Valiant cows in the distance.

No, he hadn’t forgotten.

One of them would bare Anden’s first calf. Important. Yes. He knew and would not shuck that duty, no matter how foreign the duty felt to him.

I would send another in your place, Samren communicated to him, but you know that is not the way of the world. Sometimes, wishes go ungranted and it is for a higher cause than any of us, mortal or magical, is meant to understand.

The thought nearly came but Anden closed off his mind, giving him a horrible searing headache. Unacceptable. She was his charge and his alone and he would not abandon her as they’d done to her parents, higher calling or not.

That’s my tease this week!

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

13 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease! Ungranted wishes…#MWTease

  1. LOVE the snow and the painter of light styled illustration! Love the names & the tease. More please! (Think you mean … would not shirk (rather than shuck) that duty…

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