Happy Thanksgiving Message and Recipe from Carlene XOXO

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with, please take a second and catch this gigantic cyber hug I just sent your way. While I’m thankful for each and every second of every day, today is the day we all get to say it and soak it up and have these thankful thoughts really be heard and felt. Throughout the ups and downs, smiles and tears, good and bad that make up each of our lives, I want you to know how truly humbled, blessed and thankful I am for it all. 

Now for a little secret. I’m on what you would call a journey of learning to be a better cook. On the scale of 1 to 10, I’m hovering near the 2 mark. Maybe a soft 3. But I’ve vowed to get better and this recipe I’m going to share has been a lifesaver for me at holiday time. Having taken pity on my lacking culinary skills long ago, my wonderful grandma Shirley (and excellent cook) slipped it into my hand one year and promised it would give me a little Thanksgiving meal street cred. It’s super fast, super easy and incredibly tasty and I rely on it every single year, not just at Thanksgiving but for every get together I get to attend. Even folks who don’t think they are hominy fans end up loving this. So if you’re in a crunch for a quick side dish today, give Hot Hominy a try! 

All you need:


What to do:

Hot Recipe

I’d also like to give a quick little shout out to all the readers who nominated me for the 2nd Annual Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards! Your votes helped send our favorite Sin Pointe bass player, Stefan, and his book, Wicked Flower, into the final round in three categories!

Best Hero, Best HEA (Happily Ever After) and Best in Contemporary!

The boys and I are so very thankful! I believe final voting is open until December 5th. Click HERE to vote and give Stefan an early Christmas present. He’s got his eye on that Best Hero award. 😉 Open your arms, friends, here come more hugs! xoxoxoxoxo

Happy Thanksgiving and 

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Message and Recipe from Carlene XOXO

  1. I’m so thankful you all are back home because you make my holidays bright! And your hot hominy is the bom-diggity! 🙂 Good luck with Stefan’s Wicked Flower 3 categories. You’re always #1 in my book!

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