Mid Week Tease! A Boss for Veteran’s Day #MWTease

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease!


Taking a quick break from The Never Seeker WIP to share a bit from my military/rockstar Romance on the Go, The Boss, in honor of yesterday’s Veteran’s Day.  Sandra Bunino, thanks for organizing another fabulous week of teases! Kisses. From The Boss…

the-boss1mWhen he finally remembered to let her go, she sat up and wiped at her mouth. Maybe she wasn’t sure he’d liked what she’d done for him because she hadn’t crawled into his lap. He’d never quite been sure what it must be like for a girl to face a guy after just having swallowed a mouthful of his seed. No one had ever looked him in the eyes so openly before.

“Thank you,” she said.

He frowned because he knew it should be him giving the thanks. “For what?” He petted her hair tenderly because that’s what he felt for her.

“For letting me in.” She tapped a finger at the center of his chest and waited a few seconds. “And breaking that silly promise you made. Even if it was just, you know…”

“No, I don’t know. What?” he asked.

“Just sex, just this one night.”

His epic run of being a total ass to her had just slapped him in the face. How could he prove to her this was more than just a hot blow job? How could he do that when he knew how dangerous it would be to make the promise that he’d return?

Nick kissed her nose and then took her hand from his chest and kissed the fingertip she’d just poked him with. “I won’t ask you to wait for me, Cherie.”

“And I won’t ask you not to go.”

He rubbed his burning chest and then pulled her up to standing so he could admire what was about to be his. “About that promise I made Scott? There’s a part of it that I fully intend on keeping,” he said, curling a long section of her hair in his fingers. He wished he’d gotten her naked already so he could feel her while he said these things to her.

“What’s that?”

“The part about taking good care of you. I owe you a birthday present, sweet one.”

She smiled, pressing a dimple into her right cheek and then cleared her throat. “I know you said shower earlier, but I’d planned on taking a nice, long, twenty-one-year-old soak before you came along and invited yourself to the party.” A wide smile grew, and he was so proud of her for sharing her exact desires with him. Maybe she could handle this jacked up situation he’d just put them in. He’d definitely sold her short all year, something he’d never do again. If he came home, he’d like it to be to Cherie. But it would be wrong to plant that in her head at this point. She was so young, and apparently had a healthy sexual appetite. Was it fair for him to ask her to wait just because she’d rocked his world with her sweet mouth and yeah, possibly sealed up his heart, too? Or should he let her go on thinking this had just been his last call for sex before shipping out? Well fuck if he could stand the thought of sharing her now.

Nick was going to give her every bit of him so that, he hoped, she’d keep him in her thoughts until he made his way back.

“Come here, birthday girl,” he said, nipping at her lips, enjoying the way her gaze kept sneaking away from his face, down his chest, to the mirror behind him for the back view. She had no idea how sexy it was and how hard her wandering eyes had gotten him. “You don’t plan on wearing all this clothes to your bath, do you?”

With a wink that set him on fire, she said, “And miss out on being stripped naked by the boss? Not a chance.” She took the first step into the dry tub.

“That talk is going to get you into so much trouble, sweet one.” Nick stepped in, too, and leaned down to lick long and slow over a freckle halfway up the side of her neck that had always caught his eye. The lick wasn’t enough. He sucked until he held a small bit of her flesh between his lips and then his teeth.

That’s my tease this week! If you’d like to spend a little more time with Nick, you could click HERE. 🙂

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Carlene Love♥

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  1. Terry, Doris, CJ, Lucy, Reese and Elodie, I am so sorry it took me this long to thank you for your comments! Writing a novel in November is no joke, ladies!!! I’m doing my best to keep up and reading your comments was a jolt of loveliness to my heart and muse. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xoxoxo

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