Mid Week Tease Halloween Edition! The Never Seeker #MWTease

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Hello, my dears, and happy almost Halloween. To celebrate, we’re putting on a special “things that go bump in the night” themed tease. Thank you Ms. Sandra Bunino for the fantastic idea to do it!  I’m a contemporary romance writer and so it was really fun to work on something new and different today. Originally I only planned to write a few paragraphs, but seven pages later and I think I might have to keep going with this one. Guess I was feeling a little more inspired than I realized. Please enjoy my little foray into the paranormal world with this bit from what I’m calling “The Never Seeker.” Chase is a guardian angel who has been attached to Drew since she was born but is being blocked by a protective ghost named Lang… (Extremely unedited, please forgive author girl. xoxo)

He knew she would never let him touch her.

Trespassing through her thoughts as was his duty, Chase shuddered at the nausea he caused Drew whenever they were close.

It was a constant.

He was always nearby.

Otherwise, he’d be no good to her. It was the only way to keep Drew safe and since Chase wasn’t willing to hand her over to someone else, he was stuck with the very potent and endless reminder of his guardianship.

Be here, stay away. I literally make you sick, love.

She needed a new guardian angel. He knew it. Tried to picture it.

If he could sweat, he’d be cold and wet, standing there with that image.

Never happening. Not while he’s hanging around.

Where was the ghost who’d made protecting Drew that much harder her whole entire life? Chase took a mental scan of the house, feeling the energy from across the way in her room.

photo credit PhatPuppyArtStudios

Drew’s guardian angel, Chase. Photo credit PhatPuppyArtStudios.

He leaned against the bathroom door and shut it down, the power to listen and feel for her. Even if it was just for a few seconds, would help. Chase let his hoodie fall from his head and his two tight fists cushioned his forehead against the door. He closed his eyes, leaning into the thick wood, until he remembered she was just on the other side. He pulled back, always aware she deserved privacy at least sometimes.

So close, so far away.

Last week though, during a chance encounter in this cursed bathroom, she’d turned her sad, china blue eyes on him, as they passed and a flash of her mind tunneled into his.

Curiosity at what he looked like, stripped in all senses of the word. Inside and out.

He’d been stunned. And flattered. But for a few seconds difference, she’d have seen for herself. But ultimately, it left him crippled.

He could only guess what a connection like that would do to her.

It would be too close. She would be too sensitive.

If death were possible, he would succumb to it slowly, if he ever hurt her that way. So as had become custom, Chase ignored those double-edged desires and focused on locating the presence of Lang, the overprotective, misguided ghost who’d attached himself to Drew the night she was born and hadn’t let go since, not even to pass on to the light where he belonged. Chase was sure he felt Lang in the bedroom now.

One of these days he’d figure out why the supernatural stomach upset only seemed to be caused by “his truly”.

Still, standing there, Chase imagined the impossible—offering Drew his flesh and blood hand.

He heard the bathroom door begin to creak open just as he spread his fingertips over the patterns in the wood and drug them down. So fast he even surprised himself, he forced himself back quickly.

Immediately, he turned it back on, accepting the flood of energy just waiting to flow to him from her. Like a tattle-teller bursting to share what went on in that beautiful yet fragile head of hers. He wished he could give her more privacy, more peace.

She frowned.

He watched her.

Drew’s hand went to her stomach as he took two more steps back, avoiding physical contact at all cost, hoping to spare her a bit of the queasiness.

“Drew,” he said in greeting.

“Chase,” she replied, just as short.

He nodded at her as she went by.

She shied past, making her way with muted thoughts to her room, and back to him. In Drew’s mind, Chase finally caught sight of the other being haunting this poor woman’s soul. Damned that Lang kept Chase from taking up his full guardianship.

He followed mentally. But with the lashing, numbing pain it brought on, couldn’t bring himself to keep prying.

Sinking to the floor outside Drew’s bedroom door, Chase closed his eyes again, even though it only made his vision clearer, his mind sharper and more attuned. His frustration shot through the old house, shaking the walls with a tremor before Chase battled for control.

A second later, he exploded into the air and suctioned himself to her door just as it made the clicking sound of locking from the inside.

“Drew,” he shouted with his nose butted up against the door and his palms slapping against it like a savage.


Chase. Photo credit Kim Killion.

He had to get in there, to make sure what had spewed across his vision just now was merely a nightmare, and not some sadistic act taking place in real time, under his nose, on his watch.

“God, please protect us from what we must see.”

The prayer had no sooner left his lips before he saw her arm being savagely ripped from her body.


That’s what he was to her unless he could find a way to get rid of that ghost blocking him.

“Chase,” he heard faintly. It was her voice. She was calling him.

“Lang! Be gone, you’re blocking me,” he shouted.

Chase could neither seep in nor could he seem to kick the damn door down. He tried all methods, ethereal and human, and none worked. Again, she whispered his name.

A roar exploded from his chest and lungs, shaking the very foundation of the home.


Everything around her shook. At first she thought it was from the effect of seeing him standing there, hovering like he always did, the dark scowl, the dark eyes, the dark hair, the mood that matched everything else about him. He scared her yet she had no idea what she’d do were he to, well, not be there with her.

Where was he? Was he okay?

Those were her first thoughts until she figured out she was trapped in another nightmare. He should be safe, then, she thought and tried to wake herself up. When that failed, Drew settled in and gritted her teeth. Something horrible, even though it was only a dream, was going to happen to her. She could feel it but she’d just have to endure it. Nothing new.

In this version, her arm began to burn at the shoulder. She couldn’t help but whimper out his name. “Chase.”

“Don’t worry, I’m here. I won’t let them hurt you.”

But it wasn’t Chase who said that to her. It was the other one. The one who really scared her. Not because she was fascinated with him despite the fact he made her so anxious she could nearly pass out each time they got lodged in the hallway together, but because something about this one wasn’t right.

“I can protect you. We don’t need him. I’ve always been here.”

She wouldn’t say Chase’s name out loud again. The instinctual feeling that he could be hurt if she called out to him again kept her mouth shut. She’d have to take her chances with see-through guy here. But just as he made his way eerily over to her, the pain and heat was too much. She could feel herself crying wet tears, choking on them and trying to remain silent.

“It’s only a dream,” she told herself as she lay there, accepting the unnatural smell of her blood spilling from where her skin should be intact, not gaping open. She gritted her teeth and breathed only enough to keep herself alive.

That’s my tease this week!

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  1. SJ, Reese, Stella, Siobhan, Elodie, Sandra, London, Doris, Evie, Claire and Lucy, THANK YOU my friends. Thank you so much. I’m going to continue on with this one. Look forward to keeping you posted. xoxoxoxoxo

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