Mid Week Tease! When a rock star gives you a toothbrush…

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I’m very happy it’s Wednesday again because romance snippets are just what the love doctor ordered. I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s pieces and am as always, so grateful to the one and only Sandra Bunino for keeping us going! Since Wicked Flower is on official book tour right now with Bewitching Books, I felt the need to spend just one more tease with Stefan. While this scene ultimately did not make it into the book due to timing issues, the sentiment of “forbidden love” remains. Stefan has just answered the phone, thinking it’s his band mate, Will…

stefan white pjs


“Hey man.”

“Um, it’s me Stefan. Will said you needed to speak to me.”

He was quiet for a few seconds which set off more alarms. “Dani, I was thinking it’s a good idea for you to stay over there at your sister’s. Until I leave.”

Funny how this was exactly her plan the night of their first class debacle. But then it had been her idea. Now that it was his, it hurt, for reasons she couldn’t explain. She gritted her teeth, not wanting him to know the truth.

They wished each other good morning at meal times and barely bumped shoulders in passing up and down the narrow hallway. But he was there and for some reason, it had been enough the past few days, even though it drove her crazy not being able to steal a hug or ask him how he was doing and get a real answer out of him.

“I’m not gonna lie and pretend it’s what I really want. But I can’t have you and that pisses me off. So yeah, I’m pulling the dick move and suggesting you stay with your sister.”

“Yeah, that makes sense,” she said, sounding ridiculous, she knew because even Dani could feel her chin jutting out and hear her voice cracking. Stefan couldn’t be around her. She guessed it was a compliment. It just hurt so bad that things had to be this way.

“I’m gonna swing by there with some of your stuff. Enough to last you a couple days. Is there anything special you need? I’ll throw it in your bag.”

Choppy breaths piled up in her chest and lungs, just waiting to come out loud enough for him to hear. Her eyes watered. She turned her head away from the phone to breathe and cry. What could she ask for that would matter? “Um, I don’t know. My toothbrush.”

“All right.” He paused and she waited for the sweetheart but it didn’t come. “I’ll call when I’m there so Will can

Will: Snap out of it, ladies!


come down.”

She couldn’t talk so she just ended the call. What did she expect? On planet earth, what did she really think was going to come of this? He was Stefan Calderon. Rock star. Big city not little town. She’d held the sound of her cry in for too long and one high pitched sob broke through her hands that covered her mouth.

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to end,” she cried to no one.

A movement blurred by and Will’s hand was on her shoulder in that very second. “Hey, shh, Dani. It’s okay.”

“He wants me to stay here. He’s coming to get you.”

Will wrapped her in a hug which she sank into. “Damn. He’s got his reasons. Not saying I agree with him. He just, he doesn’t know how to do this with you. With anyone.” But he didn’t get to finish, if there was more, because Daisy popped in and Dani quickly wiped her eyes, pretending nothing was wrong and slipped out of Will’s hug. Daisy tugged him by the elbow out of her room and Dani encouraged Will to go with a good enough smile. The two disappeared. Dani didn’t follow. She needed a minute. All she could hear was Daisy’s excitement bouncing off the apartment walls.

A few hours later and Dani woke up with the sudden need to breathe. All she could think of was time but lying beside her was the bag Stefan had packed. The apartment was quiet. Daisy must have gone out. Dani unzipped the bag to find her toothbrush laying on top of a few other items. She pulled them out one by one. Everything was yellow. A shirt, a pair of stretchy shorts, underwear, socks. The small pillow from her bed. She rummaged through it some more and found a folded note. She ran her hands over his handwriting.

Dani, you should be pissed at me for doing this to you. Shit, I’m pissed at you for being so damn stubborn and not giving me what I wanted. You’re a good woman with a good head on your shoulders. Which is why I’ll never forget you and fucking May 25th. I’m not really mad. Sweetheart, don’t ever let a man hurt you. You’re better than that. Promise me. ~Stefan

She rubbed her fingers over the letter and held it to her chest. Her heart bucked wild and erratic but she couldn’t move. Knowing he was still in town for two more days was torture but they were at the worst stalemate imaginable. No one could win when they would both lose if they gave in.

That’s my tease this week!

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22 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease! When a rock star gives you a toothbrush…

  1. Great tease, Carlene. This is such an emotional scene. I’m completely drawn in because I need to understand what has caused the stalemate between them. Congrats on the tour! Going to check it out now. 😉

  2. Really can’t wait to read Stefan’s story now! Such a teaser I was holding my breath! I’ve carried a sentimental note for 30 yrs.

    • Hi Stella! Thank you so much for sharing that. She’s one of very few who have ever said ‘We shouldn’t’ to him and meant it. It’s got him completely off his game. Plus the fact he’s trying for the first time to be noble for someone. Have a great rest of your week!

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