Mid Week Tease! Embarrassed #MWTease

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease!


Thank you so much to Sandra Bunino for yet another packed week of tantalizing romance snippets. You rock, lady. My sampling this week comes from the love story that started the Sin Pointe series, Lucky and Trista’s… 

“Lucky, I’m so sorry. You should probably wash your hands. Oh hell, I’m so embarrassed.” She flicked the light switch on.

He started to question her but then noticed she was staring at his hand. “Oh no, darlin’, what did I do to you?” He looked again, bringing his hand up to his face to inspect it more closely.

“Lucky, please just wash your hands. You didn’t do anything to me.” Then with a heavy sigh, “I got my period just now. The sheets, your hand, our night. They’re all ruined. I have to get changed.” She left him at the sink to go fish out something from her suitcase. Not sure how to make things less embarrassing for her, he did as she asked and went for the miniature bar of soap at the sink.

He could tell without needing any of Trista’s insightful senses that she was bummed out and sorry. He’d never experienced this before but wondered if it might make her feel better to know that it didn’t bother him. But that could make her feel like he was after sex no matter the cost.

Sidewalk-Flower1MWhich he wasn’t. He’d tried to make that clear tonight by taking his time.

So he finished washing his hands and then went to retrieve his boxers from the floor and pulled them on. The dainty yellow panties she’d given him lay near his discarded red shirt. She refused to look at him.

“Trista, would you like these back?” he asked, holding her panties out to her.

She was already covered in a white nightgown that hung loosely in what had to be her favored length of just below mid-thigh.  In her hand, she held a blue and yellow box he’d seen in drug stores before.

“No, those are yours.  If you want them, that is.”

“Um, of course I do.” He stood in her way. That had to be doubt shadowing her eyes and the furrow in her brow. He impeded her only long enough to place a light kiss on her forehead and then hopefully convince her of his feelings. “Hey, it’s okay. Don’t feel bad. Okay? I don’t.”

She just nodded her head and then returned to the bathroom. When she came back out, he was lying in the bed; a few bath towels he’d found covered the mess. As soon as he saw her, he raised the comforter. “Come, lay down.”

Trista shrugged but did as he asked. Her choppy, heavy steps indicated she needed rest.

“Hey, why so sad? It’s okay, really,” he said as he traced the outline of her lips, wishing he could cajole them into a smile. Dimple marks dented her chin as it began to quiver and fresh tears filled her eyes. “Are you saying this was a one shot deal? I was looking forward to at least a few more nights with my new snuggle partner.”

That’s my tease this week!

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

20 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease! Embarrassed #MWTease

  1. I felt Trista’s pain, and I love how important it is to Lucky to make her feel at ease about what happened. His last lines were so sweet. Great job of conveying both of their feelings, Carlene.

    • Thank you, Siobhan! Just one of those awkward moments I think people may have found themselves in and I didn’t want to shy away from including it in Trista and Lucky’s story.

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