Mid Week Tease! Don’t be nervous…#MWTease

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It’s Wednesday already?? Man, this week is flying by. Could be due to all the fun stuff in the works over the next few days. Be sure and check the blog often this week for all the exciting happenings. But for now it’s time to settle down and get cozy while my friends and I put on the tease for you, courtesy of the one and only Sandra Bunino of course! This week I was inspired to pick back up on a story I started earlier in 2014 but never finished. The inspiration for the hero came from a special interview I’ve been working on all week for the Waterworld Mermaids that will be up Thursday. From one of my current unedited WIPs…

My choice, always my choice, she reminded herself. There was no need for nerves around him. She wouldn’t have him thinking she couldn’t handle herself as she looked around taking in the deep red paneled walls and the precision of the ninety-degree angles in everything from the furniture to the wall hangings to the plant vases.

His assurances thumped so strong she felt their vibrations everywhere. She should be nervous at the quiet command in his voice, both now and last week. They’d spoken briefly of choices last week, both the ones of the heart and of the body. His request now brought out a slight tremble she noticed in her hands as she maneuvered her way to his desk and stood squarely in the center, bypassing the chair he offered. She had too much energy to sit.

“Pardon me, my manners…How is the baby doing?” he asked, genuineness softening the fire she saw in his dark eyes. He had no reason to apologize for his manners. They were as distinguished as the black thick lashes lining that intense stare.

That’s my tease this week!

Now off you go for some tantalizing teases from some outstanding authors…

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Carlene Love♥

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