Mid Week Tease! Sweetheart #MWTease

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease!


Thank you for stopping by my place today for a quick romance snippet. And big hugs as always to the lady who brings the Tease to us each week, Ms. Sandra Bunino. I’m taking a quick break from my reindeer WIP to share a very sweet deed one of the Sin Pointe men did last week. I was having a hard time coming up with a final prize for our Evernight Read An eBook Day celebration on Facebook when band leader, songwriter and hero of Sin’s Flower, Jaxon James, agreed to surprise a fan with the following…

 ~For Tabitha by Jaxon James~


 In my heart, I know what to say.


But my lips they steal it away.

You can’t get past certain parts of me

But I’ll show you where to start.

Sweetheart, bare it all for me.

Your skin, your soul, my heart.

sins_flowerSo, that’s my offering this week!

You can check out more of Sin Pointe’s music in Jaxon’s story, Sin’s Flower.

Now off you go for some tantalizing teases from some outstanding authors…

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

14 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease! Sweetheart #MWTease

  1. I love the lyrics, Carlene.

    “You can’t get past certain parts me
    But I’ll show you where to start…”

    How very willing Jaxon is to share himself and in the next line, he wants Tabitha to be equally open. How loving and sweet. Romantic tease!

    • Hi Stella! So glad you liked it. That bit about not being able to get past certain parts of him came from Tabitha’s comment that she couldn’t get past looking at his tattoos. Jaxon’s a bad boy rocker but he’s also a single dad so he’s got a sweet and loving side too. 🙂

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