Meet My Character Blog Hop…Sin Pointe’s Rhythm Section

Hello out there. I’m taking a day to sit down and relax with the rhythm section of ultra-sexy rock band, Sin Pointe. And this day wouldn’t be possible had the talented and lovely author, Xio Axelrod, not invited us to join her blog hop so big cyber kisses to her. Check out a charming and smexy chat Xio had with her own characters last week HERE. Now for Stefan and Will from my latest release, Wicked Flower

Me: Boys, it’s time. Please come on over and say hi to all the lovely people.

Stefan: Hey sweetie.

Will: Not funny, dude.

Stefan: What, I wasn’t talking to you, sweetie. I was looking out at all of Carlene’s sexy friends. Hey ladies. (Stefan’s giving you all a look that I want you to imagine would melt the polar ice caps right now. And of course he’s in all white, just for you.)

stefan white pjs

Stefan in his favorite color jammies 😉


Will: Ladies, snap out of it. Carlene, was he not looking directly at me when he said that?

Will: Snap out of it, ladies!

Will: Snap out of it, ladies!

Me: …(author debating for a moment on what to say next and whether she thinks she’s going to be able to wrangle two of her favorite albeit ornery people in all the world to finish this little interview)… Will, you are pretty sweet. Maybe Stef was just referring to that fact. Stefan, be nice.

Stefan: Will knows I love him. It’s why I’m actually pretty honored that he crashed my book. I know you’re supposed to be asking us the questions, Love, but I’ve always wanted to know how my favorite drummer ended up in Wicked Flower with me.

Me: I’m actually happy to share that little bit of info as long as you two play nice with our friends today. So the story goes, the very first line I heard of your book was when Will let that zinger out on you. You know the line…

Stef: Oh yeah. The “Have you ever had a girl go down on you while you were driving?” line. That one?

Will: You heard that, Carlene? What, like magically? Geez, I’m kind of embarrassed now.

Me: Well yes, that’s how these things work, sweetie. And um, psst, the book is out. But don’t worry, I’m sure your fans are all too happy to read what’s really in your heart and mind. And when I heard you say that, Will, I knew that’s where the story had to start and then when I was doing my research and learned from one of my favorite bass players…

Stef: You mean me, right?

Me: Oh Hon, you are definitely at the top of my list. But, there are other amazing bassists out there and I happen to have been lucky to get to chat with one of them in the making of your book. Don’t pout. Anyhow, I learned that the relationship between the drummer and the bass player is very special because when the two of you get into the “pocket” as it’s called…

A sexy drum and a wicked bass...

A sexy drum and a wicked bass…

Stef and Will: We could have told you that…

Me: Yes, but as I was saying, when I learned how important your two instruments are for the song, I knew Will would play a huge role in your story, Stefan. And also, you guys are SO MUCH fun when you’re together. (Author might be raising her one brow right now, lovingly of course.)

Stef and Will again: Yeah, we are, aren’t we? Um, Carlene. We’re hungry. You wouldn’t mind if we took a break and snuck out to the kitchen, would you?

Me: Go on. I think our friends have a pretty good idea on the likes of you two right now. If not, how about I share my favorite Stefan and Will scene from Wicked Flower?

unnamed (12)Wicked Flower Excerpt: 

If he thought about Dani one more time, fuck.

At least she would be somewhere safe today. With her at her sister’s, he could walk to the kitchen without bumping into her. Stefan took a rake and catapulted it up and over Will, past Mom’s garden. It bounced off a large tree and nearly bludgeoned Will in the back.

Will ducked just in time. “Dude? What the fuck?” he asked.

“Yeah? What?” Stefan waited for Will to go plug his end of the cord into the socket on the side of Mom’s house so Stefan could start mowing. He needed something to do with his hands before he went crazy or accidentally killed his best friend. Thank God it wasn’t raining.

“You look like you’re about to go Chuck Norris on your mom’s lawn. Like if I leave right now, I’m gonna come back to not just a mowed lawn but fricking no more trees, nothing.”

That’s about how he felt. “I’m not gonna chop down her trees. There’s way too many.” Or else maybe he would. Luckily Mom’s house butted up to the forest and Stefan knew he wouldn’t make much of a dent if he went all lumberjack. Knowing Dani was inside that house jacked up his pulse like it did every minute of every day.

Will walked back up the slope of the yard where Stefan stood, watching Dani inside at the sink. “So I’m gonna take off with Dani today. She bribed me with Taggert’s. You sure that’s cool?”

“Why the fuck wouldn’t it be?”

“Uh, because you’re being a dick. And I know why. Want my advice?”

Only because it was Will. “You’re gonna tell me anyway.”

“Make good on taking Dani out to dinner.”

Stefan wished he would have said no to Will’s advice. “I can’t. We’re being ‘just friends’.”

“Bulletin, shithead. That’s what friends do. They go out for meals together. You owe her that much.”

“No, no, no. You misunderstand. Dani’s idea of friends isn’t the same as mine. I know I sound like an asshole, but the only place she and I can be around each other is here at the house, under Mom’s watchful eye.” He’d nearly hurt her baby with those contractions. Thoughts of Amanda crept in. The day she’d told him she’d lost their baby and then his parents screaming at him that it was his fault for all the stress he’d caused Amanda. Stefan gritted his teeth and tried to block out the yelling and the lies. No, he’d been nothing but supportive.

Will put his hands on his hips and looked like he’d just spent too much time with one of Jaxon’s kids. “Look, I know I blow you off all the time when it comes to this stuff. And no way in hell do I want you lecturing me about this shit in return. So don’t even think about it. But you’re gonna be so pissed if you leave here next week and don’t take that girl out.”

Stefan wiped sweat off his forehead, forgetting what the sun felt like, and swore to shave his beard off when he was done mowing. All because he knew Will was right. Could he admit as much to his friend? “She’ll say no.” Just like his mom with the house. Just like Amanda when he’d offered to quit school and work full time to support the baby they’d made.

“I’ll talk to her today on our date,” said Will.

Stefan wanted to pile drive Will for that one but didn’t because that’s just how they kept it real. “Fucking, don’t Will.”

“Stop being a baby. If it gets your mopey ass off my Swayze stash, it’s worth it. You should probably take this opportunity to talk to your mom while we’re gone. Come on, man. Do I have to think of everything?”

Stefan knew he was just being a smartass, but yeah, Will had done this relationship stuff before. Stefan didn’t have a clue and for the record, he wasn’t calling this a relationship. All he knew was he wanted to be with Dani. Dani wanted to be with him. But she’d chosen not to let that happen and for good reason. He wouldn’t admit it out loud right now, but Will had no idea how needed he was.

There you have it, friends. See what I have to lovingly deal with on a daily basis with these guys? 😉 I have some good news. The fun isn’t over. I’ve extended the blog hop invitation to two of my very favorite authors and people in the whole wide world who write smart, sexy, emotional stories with equally loveable characters. Be sure and check them out next week to Meet Their Characters…

First_match_promoRomance author, Lynne Silver, writes the popular Coded for Love series and other hot contemporary romance novels, such as Love, Technically.  Before writing romance, she wrote fiction of a different sort, drafting press releases for technology corporations. Washington DC is her home (non) state, where she resides with her husband and two sons. She is represented by literary agent, Jessica Alvarez of Bookends LLC  A few fun facts about Lynne: 1) She has no sense of direction and could get lost on her way from the kitchen to the bathroom. 2) She grew up in Miami and is a huge Hurricanes fan. (The football team, not the natural disaster.) 3) Speaking of natural disasters…she lived through Hurricane Andrew, though her car and much of her house did not. To this day, she is scared of storms and windy days.

Colors of UsSandra Bunino is a romance author of several novellas including The Satin Rose Experience series. Her first full length novel, The Colors of Us from the McAvery’s Bar Series, released in August 2014. She makes her parents proud by putting her MBA degree to good use dreaming up Alpha heroes who dominate the bedroom as well as the boardroom.

When not staying up past her bedtime torturing her oh-so-sexy heroes, she can be found shopping for shoes or saving turtles.

She looks forward to hearing from her readers and she may be contacted at As a social media junkie in need of a ten-step program, you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@sandrabunino). Join her book group, Bunino’s Bookalicious Babes, on Facebook!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

And Stefan and Will

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