Mid Week Tease! He felt it. Felt her. #MWTease

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease!


Thank you for stopping by my place for a quick romance snippet. And big hugs as always to the lady who brings the Tease to us each week, Ms. Sandra Bunino. From my current work in progress, Set for Two: A Winter Wish

Andens HerdAnden stood amongst the rest of his herd, awaiting the annual traveling orders to seep into his flesh. The scraping of a hoof to his left was only slight but a huge slip from a brethren.

One of the rookies.

The tell-tale sign of the bitter cold annoyed him yet he understood. He would not show such a weakness and steadied his own frostbitten hooves, in example. There was a certain excitement, though, to fulfill their annual duty, carry on for the ancestors past.

Proud, he stood rigid, waiting. His neck stretched and his eyes fell closed once, then slowly opened as if to say this was just another day in paradise. These are the little discomforts that we shake off, whelp. Only the best could handle the rigors of this service and Anden had worked his whole life to assure his position amongst his duty-driven brothers.

Silver, relentless clouds of smoke hovered and shook above the huge herd as Siberia’s harsh weather surrounded him and his cohort. The cold ate away any sense of smell but he snorted anyway, adding the steam of his nostrils to the pack’s. He’d never had to wait this long before feeling the wishers’ paths settle into his internal compass. The stinging, filling sensation each buck harnessed was a distress Anden withstood without complaint. Although joy was not a word used amongst his kind, he supposed that was what he felt.

Hoping something would give soon and they’d be given the okay to depart, he closed his eyes and thought about one home in particular. The source of that joy his brethren were too proud to speak of. But he felt it. Felt her.

That’s my tease this week. 

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