In the Pages of a Good Book Blogoversary Celebration & Giveaway: Friendship!

Blog-Invite-300x264When I heard about Beckey’s blog turning one year old, and that I could be a part of her celebration, I knew it was something I wanted to do. Through the blog “In the Pages of a Good Book”, Beckey has supported so many authors and books and it’s a real treat to get to thank her and congratulate her. And I love that she chose the theme of Friendship for the blog hop posts.

I recently moved from Virginia (where I’d lived for six years) back home to San Diego, CA. And tonight as I was sitting at the park where my son practices football, with the perfect weather all around me, I couldn’t help but think, “Man, this is the perfect place for the friends I made back in Virginia. But they’re all out there and now I’m here.” You see, I lived in Virginia for those six years, but it took me about four of them to come out of my shell and start making friends.

Real friends.

As an army wife the past twenty years who moved a whole lot, it was just easier not to become attached. Not making close friends meant not having to say goodbye to them when orders came down. It was a mistake I made for most of my hubby’s time in the service. But this group of Washington DC area women, they were a real force to be reckoned with. Once they had me, they really had me by the heart strings.

I look around at my new surroundings and each time I head to the beach, it’s my girlfriends’ laughter I wish I had with me. When I go out for incredible Mexican food, it’s my girlfriends’ conversation I miss so much. I live in this cute little rented home with the perfect back yard for a night in and the perfect little firepit to sip drinks with the girls by, and they’re all over there in Virginia!

So many of these women who not only brought me out of my shy little shell but cracked that shell wide open are my writing cohort. They are from the incredibly supportive network of writers and bloggers who I had the absolute joy of meeting with each month at our chapter workshops. Our friendships couldn’t help but spill over into our real lives. Plain and simply put, I miss the heck out of them.

But you know what they taught me? They taught me to go out and make new friends!


Kerri Carpenter, myself, Lynne Silver … Friends!

Maybe not so easy peasy for those of us who by nature are just a little shy, but definitely doable. Valuable. So to honor the precious lesson of friendship I’ve been given, I’m going to get my butt out to my new local writing chapter’s September meeting. I’ll probably do just like I did when I sat in on my very first WRW meeting. I’ll be a little in awe of my fellow writers. I’ll sit there in the back and smile and gaze and listen and soak in everything that’s being said. And yeah, it might take time, but I hope to make some new friends while always  holding the ones I miss close to my heart.

Happy One Year Blogoversary, Beckey! Cheers to you, cheers to friends and cheers to Romance!

Friends, tell me about the special people in your life who you can’t do without. What do you like to do when you’re out with friends? What do you cherish about those friendships most? I’d love to chat with you about it. At the end of the hop, a lucky winner will receive a $10 Evernight Publishing gift card for stopping here at my place as part of the Rafflecopter prize.

I’m sending you to fellow hopper and good friend, Doris O’Connor’s, post for the rafflecopter prize entry. Click HERE for that and good luck!

And be sure to click the cute little blue guy below to hop along to the rest of the Blog Hop stops!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥

6 thoughts on “In the Pages of a Good Book Blogoversary Celebration & Giveaway: Friendship!

  1. even when I don’t get to see my BFF very often, the times we do get together are like we’ve never been apart
    we rarely go out…I tend to visit her home for coffee and lunch

    • Hi Leetee 🙂 That’s exactly how it is! I completely understand what you’re saying. Wouldn’t you love to just slumber party it with your BFF? Never too old for that. Thanks so much for hopping by and all my best to you and your friend! xoxo

    • Handing you a cyber tissue, Lynne. And I thought we were pretending I’d only moved to Maryland. 😉 Still a move but not so far away. Remember, we’re supposed to be good at this pretending business, my friend. xoxo See you next Thursday…

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