Mid Week Tease! Stefanisms… #MWTease

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Happy Wednesday all. It’s definitely been an exciting week so far. Our lovely hostess, Sandra Bunino, released her story, Colors of Us, yesterday! Congrats, lady. And now here we are to tempt you with our sexy snippets. With Wicked Flower coming out on Thursday, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite short “Stefan” moments from the books in the series. Please enjoy!

From Sidewalk Flower

But to answer Lucky…she remembered how Stefan had summed it up for her one night after a gig Vangie had attended on the last tour.  Trista had been hanging out in Stefan’s room, trying to stay out of the picture as much as possible when he said to her that he hated to be so vulgar, but to put it plain and simple, Jaxon was in it for the sex.  Well, Stefan had said pussy, finger spelling it over his shiny black guitar, but she hated that word.

At least Stefan had been honest.

From Sin’s Flower...

Jaxon was busy thinking about how Stefan had just saved his butt again with the miraculous perfect timing of his showing up when Stefan managed to bring him back to the real world where nothing they ever did involving a girl could be considered good.  “She’s cute.  Spicy red heads are my specialty though.”

“She’s a no-no.”

“A no-no for me or for you?”

“Next,” Jaxon said with a knife sharp tone.

From Sin’s Haven

Ben filled Stefan in on his Haven dilemma.

“So, walk her home when she finishes up. Treat her nice. And don’t fucking get drunk this time.”

Spoken how only Stefan Calderon could put something.

“Yeah, thanks. But what about the other night? How do I bring up the fact I didn’t cover up my stuff?”

“Benny, that was very unwise my friend, but it’s done. Look, you’re a good guy. I know you’re worried about that. But I guarantee you a grown woman like this Haven of yours is probably on the pill or she wouldn’t have left you a note saying you fucked her good. She enjoyed it, brother. Which means she’s not hung up on the fact you weren’t covered up.”

“That’s not exactly how she put it.”

“Okay, that’s my version of it. But do you see what I’m saying? She didn’t sound too worried about it so you shouldn’t be. And your worst case scenario isn’t that bad. You’ve got Daddy Material written all over you, big man. Kids love you.”

Series books 1 to 5

Friends, that’s my tease this week. Even though he intimidated the heck out of me these past few years, I’m so very happy and proud that Stefan finally has his own story. You can be sure I’ll be smiling this Thursday, release day, knowing he’s in your hands. Take care all and have a great rest of the week!

Now off you go for some tantalizing snippets by some outstanding authors!

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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