Mid Week Tease! Brought to His Knees #MWTease

Welcome Back to Mid Week Tease!


Hi all! Not only is it Mid Week Tease Day brought to us each week by the smart and sexy Sandra Bunino, but it’s also a very special day for my good friend and critique partner, Lynne Silver. Lynne’s story, Cruising for Love, just released in the Brought to His Knees anthology which is a collection of eleven steamy novellas about men brought to their knees by love. So to say congrats, I’m teasing with a snippet from Lynne’s story this week. This was such a fun one to critique, with the surprise BDSM cruise and the sort. Enjoy!

From “Cruising for Love” by Lynne Silver…

“I keep remembering how great we were as a couple, and it’s like we never stopped being us. I feel like I could fall back in love with you.”

Instead of the L word scaring him as I’d half expected, he took a step closer. “Would that be a problem? Falling in love with me?”

He reached for me to resume the kissing, but I turned my face. He pulled back and sat next to me on the table. “It’s okay, Andi. We don’t have to do anything. I can walk you back to your cabin.”

“And disappoint KK?” I joked, but then I got serious. “Jonah, if I thought this would be just a fun night on my vacation, I’d already be naked on this table.”

Brought-to-his-knees_3d“Cruising for Love” Blurb:

When Andi Greene heads out on a cruise, she’s pumped for a fun week of sun bathing and chilling with her best friend. Little does she know her best friend has a number of surprises in store. The first is the cruise’s theme of bondage and domination. The other? Ship’s doctor Jonah Coleman, Andi’s first love, her high school boyfriend-the boy she thought she’d marry before he moved across the country and eventually dropped her cold. But there’s nothing cold about their reunion. Instead sparks fly, and Andi’s relaxing cruise seems set to turn into a week of hot loving.
Jonah can’t believe he’s getting a second chance with Andi-a grown-up Andi who might need more than he knows how to give. But he’s willing to put everything on the line to find out if the heat between them is just the remnants of teenage love or something more. And even though he has to let her go again, he’s determined this time she’ll never forget him.

What’s not to love about a surprise BDSM cruise??? Hahaha! I hope you enjoyed this tease today. If you’d like to pick up the anthology, you can do that HERE.  See you next week, same time same place. 😉

Now off you go for some tantalizing snippets by some outstanding authors!

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

12 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease! Brought to His Knees #MWTease

  1. Oh Nos! Poor Lynne has been trying to leave comments for you all day but for some reason my blog isn’t playing nice with her. She says “HI” and “THANK YOU EVERYONE!” She’s really awesome and funny so she probably left all kinds of great responses for you. Mean old word press comment eater. xoxo

  2. This tease pulled me right in. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about this box set. I’m going to have to take a closer look. Thanks, Carlene. Congrats, Lynne. 🙂

    • Hi S.J.! What I love about this antho is that you know up front that these heroes are going to be in for an emotional hit of some sort that brings them to their knees. I remember reading Lynne’s first draft and waiting for it and waiting for it and then it came and I was like, “Oh, that was good.” 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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