Mid Week Tease! Should she touch him… #MWTease

Welcome Back to Mid Week Tease!


Welcome, friends, to the Mid Week Tease where we authors get to share snippets from our stories. Thank you, as always, to our sexy hostess, Sandra Bunino. xoxo I’ll keep my intro short as my tease is a little longer this week, but I’m dying over here to get to Wicked Flower’s juicy bits for you. Picking up where we left off last week from my devilishly naughty bass player, Stefan’s, bathroom encounter only now we get to see the sitch through Dani’s eyes…


Should she touch him? His tanned neck and dark gaze called her to do it. She felt her fingers curl but forced them to stay relaxed and instead squeezed her toes. He couldn’t see those. They were hidden and he wouldn’t know her reaction to him was so strong. Not yet.

No, he had to make the first move. What would be the point then? Otherwise, he wasn’t proving anything. If she was sexy, desirable as he’d said, let him show her.

“Whatever happens right now, don’t make me any promises,” she said, her eyes falling victim to the shiny silver metal of the toilet to their side. But just as quickly she brought her eyes back up and locked them on him. “And be convincing.” Yes, it was bold. But they had to get this right, no screw ups, so she could at least have this one moment. And when she saw Thom around town with his love, she’d have this one memory to fall back on. From here on out, it would be all about her baby. Dani blew out.

His black eyebrows hiked up at that and in the center of his chin she could see the cleft area where his whiskers pooled in the small circular dent and became even darker. She had the urge to set her fingertip over the dimple where it looked like it would fit perfectly but she didn’t, still needing him to make contact first.

He reached out one long arm and tilted her chin up with no more than the crook of his tattooed finger.

She wanted to let her head loll back. To sink to the floor before him. She stood tall and focused on anything she could not to get lost so easily, so fast.

The inked patterns so precise, this man hadn’t gotten them just anywhere. He had to have paid good money for the intricacy. No doubts about it. He wasn’t from here. He was just passing through and would be long gone once he pulled out, in his expensive, white European luxury car on his way to some place like New York City. Those things made him perfect for right now. The one clear thing … his gaze was burning a hole through her chest each time he failed to keep his eyes raised. Those dark eyes drifted again.

“I promise,” he said, chasing the words she’d asked him not to use with a definite grin. His cockiness sealed her decision to do this and promised, like he’d just said, to follow through and to do it well enough to leave her with no doubts.

At least you know up front what this is. You can move on with no strings.

All she needed was a passionate kiss and some rough hands. Both of which dark-eyed, tatted Superman, seemed perfectly capable of providing.

“Fine,” she said and straightened her spine when she realized she’d let herself slip a few notches with his gaze and the erotic things it promised.

The air became wicked and hot as she took her next breath and he eyed her ominously.


He wrapped his arm around her back and then pressed her against the wall with his manly chest. His body heat was as intense as his stare. Her head clunked at the metal but her masses of thick hair shielded her from the pain.

“Sorry,” he said.

She didn’t care. Hadn’t really felt it. The pain that was. Wouldn’t have stopped him if she had.

He hooked a finger into her mouth, enough to wet it, and then pressed and swiped it over her bottom lip. In response, he licked his own. The rawness he just shared unlocked something inside her, the pain she needed to dull with whatever passion she had left. Continuing, she bit down on his finger until he gasped.

“Ouch,” he said, his naughty intentions clear in those gorgeous brown eyes and throaty voice. “Kiss that,” he told her. His kissable lips barely moved with the sexy, bossy demand.

She did. Her heart pounded at this recklessness and at something else. Something hid in his eyes, darkening them. Like he needed this too? She was delirious and didn’t care.

As soon as Dani followed that one command, he let loose on her. Like he’d been a coil of repentance just waiting to be given the okay to spring forth and indulge again.

His hands moved to her shoulders and pressed them back and held her there then it was his lips. Like time was precious to him, he didn’t waste a single second of it debating. He was all forward motion and deliberate action. Whether she was prepared or not, Dani had his kiss, his taste, his hot breath with no breaks for breathing or thinking. His mouth adored her face and neck, leaving them wet.

“Why do you taste so good to me, sweetheart?” he whispered, so deep it felt like his words reached all the way into her lungs. It was understood he didn’t want an answer. He ran his tongue along the ridge of her upper teeth like they’d been doing this for months. She had the sudden and fierce urge to bite down again. For all the women—surely there had been a few who had come before her—trapped in his cinnamon tasting mouth, and the ones who would undoubtedly come after this little tryst was over. But no, this wasn’t for those other women. He was Dani’s right now.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sin Pointe tease. I cannot wait for this book to come out next month! (And for the cover so I can share with you all!)

Now off you go for some tantalizing snippets by some outstanding authors!

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

16 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease! Should she touch him… #MWTease

  1. I love these lines: “He was all forward motion and deliberate action. Whether she was prepared or not, Dani had his kiss, his taste, his hot breath with no breaks for breathing or thinking.” Well done, Carlene!

  2. Oh, Carlene. You sucked me into this tease. Love this –> All she needed was a passionate kiss and some rough hands. Both of which dark-eyed, tatted Superman, seemed perfectly capable of providing.

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