Mid Week Tease! Cravings… #MWTease

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 HELLO! Thank you so much for stopping by my place today. It feels so great to be back in the tease after missing the last couple weeks. I’ve landed in San Diego and once I get used to the time change, I won’t be so tardy with my post! Thank you also to the lovely and sexy Sandra Bunino for hosting us each week. Way back in June (wink), I left off with Stefan and Dani in the truck stop bathroom. They haven’t managed to get out of there yet but I think you’ll be okay with that once you see what’s coming in the next couple weeks of teases. Hope you enjoy this unedited bit from Stefan’s story, Wicked Flower, which has a tentative release time of August.


“Here … for you.”


“You still in there?” he asked as he tapped his knuckles gently against the metal door. But he knew she was because the kaleidoscope of colors on her snakeskin clogs stood out. “It’s me.” He nearly spit out his name but held back. When a woman didn’t ask for it, they almost always had their reasons. He didn’t blame the ones not caring who he was, only wanting sex, because sometimes that’s all he wanted too.

The door made a metallic sounding groan as she opened it and let him back in.

“Here,” he said. “For you.”

Stefan started to hand her the package of grape licorice but when her face lit up, he pulled it back. Curious that such a simple thing pleased her so much, he didn’t mean to tease her, but couldn’t help it. Until she frowned.

He wouldn’t be mean for long but he craved her strange reactions to him. Stefan bit a corner of the plastic wrapping off and pulled out one piece. Would she tell him to grow up or insist she didn’t like being teased? The sweet, distinct smell overpowered their small space. He held the purple candy stick out to her and rather than furthering the play by taking his offering into her mouth, she tugged it from him with her fingers and then fed it to herself. Which, fuck, was even hotter. He just smiled, hiding the heat exploding under his skin.

“Listen, you’re not just beautiful,” he told her as she chewed and then took another piece when he held out the package. “And this ex of yours might be good, but…” She wouldn’t be pleased if Stefan insulted this guy, no matter that her heart was broken. He could sense that much. “He’s obviously not too bright. You’re fucking sexy as hell, and yeah it’s an old cliché, but any guy would be lucky to have you.” He pinned her with a stare and waited to see how she’d take that last bit. Damn, he must really want in her pants because even Stefan knew he was laying it on thick. She took out another piece of licorice but to his surprise, she offered it to him instead of eating it herself. The smell was way too sweet—not his particular liking—so he smiled, showed her the gum he was chewing between his teeth and offered the licorice back to her. Now if she’d have offered to let him eat it from her mouth, he’d have downed the whole package, no matter how nasty the sweet grape would have made his cinnamon gum.

That’s my tease for this week! See you next week for more.

Now off you go for some tantalizing snippets by some outstanding authors!

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

Candy Girl photo credit: <a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/bass_nroll/4513531627/


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