Mid Week Tease! How ex are we talking… #MWTease

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Hi all! Hugs to our hostess, Sandra Bunino! In four days, I’ll be moving back home to San Diego, California which means a cross-country road trip starting here in Washington DC. I’ll be taking my time, making lots of stops along the way, singing everything from Katy Perry’s “Peacock” to  Journey’s “Lights” and seeing the beautiful southwestern half of the US. And yes, I’ll be paying particular attention to the truck stop ladies rooms 😉 Picking back up today at Dani and Stefan’s first encounter in the bathroom stall. Hope you enjoy…

Hey Beautiful“Who says there’s anything wrong with you, sweetheart? Not me.” He pardoned himself for the lie. Kind of like he did on a regular basis with Will. He might have broken a few hearts in his time, but Stefan didn’t go around hurting people if he could help it. That’s why it had always bugged him that his Mom could think him capable of it.

“You don’t have to say that.”

Shit, he wished he might have been wrong but that rang of low self-esteem.

Stefan rubbed at the whiskers covering his jaw allowing him anonymity. She trusted him, or was jacked up enough to be letting him close for now. If Stefan Calderon of Sin Pointe had shown up, he could guarantee this would have played out much differently. It always did. For some reason, he didn’t want to be that guy with this girl. His attraction to her lingered thickly between their bodies.

“Look, I don’t know what assholes you’ve been listening to, but they’re not worth your time if that’s why you’re in here crying. You’re a beautiful young woman.” He didn’t have to tilt her chin with his fingers to make her see him.

On her own, she looked at him, rather fiercely, and her dark brown eyes held him. She wore desperation like night old makeup. Maybe that’s all this was. Stefan understood intense, depraved need better than most.

“Now you sound like my ex,” she said and continued to pin him with those eyes.

Bingo. The asshole who’d hurt her. “How ex are we talking about?” he asked.

Her mouth worked like it wasn’t something she wanted to share. She held up her hands and her shoulders hiked. “This morning,” she said, then let her shoulders fall limp.

That’s my tease this week! My apologies to Stefan for dumping all that in his lap but that’s what he gets for going into the ladies room. 😉 I’ll do my best to tease next week from the road but if I’m not around, we’ll pick back up in July. Have a great rest of your June everyone!  

Now off you go for some tantalizing snippets by some outstanding authors!

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

Ladies room graffiti photo credit a href=httpwww.flickr.comphotosmaitri2038492135Maitria via a href=httpphotopin.comphotopina a href=httpcreativecommons.orglicensesby-nc-nd2.0cca

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