Mid Week Tease! Like a naughty little moth to the flame… #MWTease

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Big cyber hugs to Sandra Bunino for hostessing us each week and always keeping it smart and sexy. 🙂 And giant thanks to all of you who keep checking us out and reading!  xoxoxoxo

Today I’m very happy to announce that Sin Pointe bass player, Stefan’s story has been accepted by Evernight for publication and should be coming out this August.   Stefan and I hope you enjoy this tease from his literary playground, Wicked Flower (A Sin Pointe Novel, #5). He just can’t seem to leave Miss Pump Five alone, even if that means a truck stop bathroom run-in…


Stefan stood, glancing around, grateful no one had followed him. He was rarely this lucky. He thought about the dark eyes and the angry kicks. How she’d treated him just like any other stranger, unaffected by him, but so obviously affected by something.

He’d pee and then if she was still in there, he didn’t know what exactly then, but a friendly gesture of checking in on her didn’t seem so wrong. It’s what Trista would have expected him to do and he loved Tris like a sister. He and the rest of the guys still missed the hell out of her now that she was no longer the sheriff that kept their asses in line on a daily basis. Better known to the rest of the world as a personal assistant. But after the trauma she’d gone through for them, Stefan was happy Trista had made her exit when she did. Now she was in Tennessee too, married to Jaxon’s cousin. Maybe it really was the kinder, gentler place where LA’s bad boys went to become good men. And women.

Stefan pissed, then washed his hands and dried them using the super blower.

Trying not to be noticed or taken for a perv, he glanced back at the mirror but didn’t see the yellow pant leg again and the colorful shoe.

He ducked in the entrance more and hunched over to see if any legs occupied the stalls. Maybe she was a clean freak and liked to wash before and after doing her business.

There, in the first stall. She appeared to be the only one. He poked his head in further, knowing Will was most likely taking his time in the gift shop. Stefan had a few minutes just to make sure this one was okay. He half expected to find her kicking something.

“Hey,” he snuck in and tapped on the stall door. “Hey, sweetheart, in the yellow.”

At first there was just silence.

“This is the women’s,” she called out. The edge in her voice was hard to miss and even harder to ignore.

“I know, I saw you in line earlier. Are you okay?”

“What? Who? What are you doing in here?” she snapped back. He was close enough to see her squint at him through the crack in the metal doors. Definitely pissed. But like a moth to the flame as the saying went…

“I know this is crazy, but I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. Those assholes in line were just clueless losers.” Why was he in here doing this? Trying to join that scumbag club he’d just mentioned? His charms didn’t seem to be working and wouldn’t the guys love a “perv in the women’s restroom stalking incident” headline splashed all over the trash magazines if she reported him.

“You should leave,” she said, but some of the bite was gone and he was sure he heard a sniffle.

Ah man, not tears, he thought. He didn’t do well with those.

That’s my tease this week! See, even naughty Stefan has a soft side. Hope to see you back next week for more. 

Now off you go for some tantalizing snippets by some outstanding authors!

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Always love,

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