Happy Memorial Day and Welcome Casey Moss!


Hello friends! I have to start out by thanking our military and their families and anyone who supports them personally or professionally for their absolute fearless love and devotion to our country. Hubby just retired after serving 21 years 9 months in the Army and it was our privilege and honor to have been a part of that. I can’t think of any better way to say thanks than to simply say “Hooah!” to all of you out there.

Today I have a favorite author to celebrate as well and her name is Casey Moss. She has this wonderful ability to write fresh and unique while still giving that time-honored romance we all crave. I’m so excited to be spotlighting her newest release because I’ve been following it the last month or so during the Mid Week Tease, snippet by snippet. Always wanting more! And now the whole story is out! I asked Casey a few questions and so let’s see what she has to say…

Me: What do you love about the opening scene of your book?
C: ~ It’s told from one of the heroes’ point of view and starts to set the stage for the dimension hopping.

Me: Cool! I love this fantasy world you’ve built, Casey. But this one’s about you. What is one awesome thing about where you’re at in life right now?
C: ~ I’m able to do what I love for a living: stay home and write.

Me: That is truly a gift and I’m so very happy for you. So back to Open World, my favorite part of a book is what the characters say to each other. What is your favorite exchange of dialogue in this story and why do you love it?
C: ~ Here’s a little snippet doubling as a book excerpt. The guy’s calm and sarcastic in a dangerous situation which makes Hope refocus…

Me: Sounds cool, let’s check it out with a little visual to help us along…


Every part of Hope froze save for her searching gaze. She found herself in a narrow alley created by two destroyed buildings. The rubble consisted of fractured and crushed cinder blocks, partial stucco walls, broken slabs of sheet rock and miscellaneous debris. Across the way a piece of metal glinted from the last bit of ambient light that still existed. The shape of a dome slowly came into view.

I’m down near The Circus?

The sound of scratching reverberated in the opposite end of the passage. A gust of wind funneling through the narrow passage brought the stench of rotting meat to her nose.

The shaking of her muscles grew worse as her mind processed the environment and her thoughts.

Wait. Am I in the game? How’s that poss…

“Hey, if you want to be bit by the CWU that’s coming up on you, feel free to continue standing there with your thumb up your ass.”

Hope unfroze and spun toward the voice. A man, also dressed in black and in a matching colored Old West duster coat, stood before her. Dark sunglasses covered his eyes and his face was obscured by a hood cloaking his head. He wore a chain and pendant that reminded her of Mr. Jenkins.

“What? Who?” she stammered the short questions as behind her the growls and scrapes of footsteps slowly closed in on her location.

“Really? We don’t have time for a Q and A.” He reached out, grabbed her hand and yanked her from the alley. The man swung her behind him, shielding her with his body.

Off balance and slightly dizzy, she grasped the back of his coat, caught her breath, then peeked around him.

He held up his arm, his palm facing toward the oncoming Chem Warfare Urchin.
Me:Love it!!!! Now I wanna know, do you read your own books once they’re published? Why or why not?
C: ~ Nope. I usually feel I’ve spent enough time with the story and characters. Plus, if I were to re-read them, I’d probably want to start changing things and wouldn’t be able to, which would most likely bother me.

Me: Fantastic, and I definitely understand the time spent with these characters! Thanks for letting me mini-interview you, Casey!

Now for the book info…

Available now at Evernight Publishing ~ Open World – C.O.V.E.N. by Casey Moss

The world of C.O.V.E.N. (Clans of Vegas – Endless Night) first appeared in Evernight Publishing’s anthology Keyboards & Kink (available here: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/keyboards-and-kink/ & at other fine e-tailers) in Casey’s story, AFK.

In AFK, we saw a peek into I-D-8 Entertainment’s in-production MMORPG: Clans of Vegas – Endless Night, also known as C.O.V.E.N. when Beth and another gamer got sucked into the game for real.

Now, when it comes to Open World, it’s actually made up of parts from two novellas that had been previously published. Those stories were my very first published ones released in 2008 under my alter ego’s name. A few years ago, I received the rights back on them, and they sat in a file until this year. There’s been some major work done to revamp them from a sci-fi’ish plot to the computer gaming one present in the book today. I am so excited these stories, and more to come in the C.O.V.E.N. world, have found new life and a great new home with Evernight Publishing.

In the story, Open World, some of the employees of I-D-8 have joined together for a LAN party to test the game. For definitions on the computer gaming term: open world, check out http://www.techopedia.com/definition/3952/sandbox-gaming).
teaser card open world casey moss 400x600

Here’s a look into the story…

~ Blurb ~

The world has broken out in wars. Las Vegas has been ravaged by chemical warfare and is now home to several clans and creatures.

Welcome to I-D-8 Entertainment’s newest game: Clans of Vegas—Endless Night.

Friends and family have gathered for a crunch time playtest of C.O.V.E.N.. When a horrible thunderstorm hits, everyone’s sucked into the game for real. In the MMORPG, Hope Collins is kidnapped by Buzz and forced to submit to his whims. Her boyfriend, Alden, has to delay his quest of defeating a clan’s prince to save her, but time and circumstance don’t seem to be on his side. Faith Collins is bombarded by strange dreams brought on by Buzz. Her boyfriend, Tavis, learns to dream walk, but can he help break the spell she’s under and save her before she’s lost to him?

C.O.V.E.N. is more than just a game. It’s a whole other world.
~ Bio ~

Casey Moss delves into the darker aspects of life in her writing, sometimes basing the stories on reality, sometimes on myth. No matter the path, her stories will take you on a journey from the light-hearted paranormal to dark things unspeakable. What waits around the corner? Come explore…

C Moss

~ Casey Moss Links ~
Website: http://caseymossbooks.com/

Blog: http://caseymossbooks.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/author.CaseyMoss

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaseyMoss_


~ Buy Links ~

Evernight Publishing: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/open-world-by-casey-moss/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Open-World-C-O-V-E-N-Casey-Moss-ebook/dp/B00KCE12JW

All Romance eBooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-openworld-1514409-147.html

BookStrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/open-world


Awesome! Again, huge cyber thanks and hugs to Casey for stopping by today and to all our military! You all rock my socks!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥



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