Mid Week Tease! Two rockers pull up to a gas station… #MWTease

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HI! Has the week been treating you well so far? I hope so but if not, you’ve come to the right place. We gals here at Sandra Bunino’s Mid Week Tease are so very happy to do what we can to ensure you sail off to the weekend feeling a little more warm and fuzzy, or hot and steamy!  That’s the great thing about this weekly event, the variety of romance. For my part of the tease, I’m continuing with my current work in progress, Stefan’s Sin Pointe story. He and band mate Will would rather be anywhere but in line for gas until Stefan sees something that makes waiting not so bad afterall. Dani can’t help but notice the shiny white Mercedes, obviously out-of-towners, pulling in and their unique sense of style…


Writing Wicked Flower

Writing Wicked Flower

Dani rolled her window down to let the air blow through while she waited her turn in line. The car idling one pump over practically blinded her. Sitting inside the brilliant white convertible were two men. One wearing glasses, a tank top and tattoos thumped the dash board madly with his fingers and the other, she couldn’t see as well, but he could pass for a bearded Superman with the dark curly hair on his head and the strong arm draped over the steering wheel.

Talk about different and distracting.

She couldn’t help but stare while she waited. Yep, she got a view of the hood emblem and it was a Mercedes. Must be nice. When they pulled forward in their pump’s line, she saw the plates. Tennessee. Definitely not from around here. Probably just passing through. Dani had always wondered what that would feel like, but she’d never left the western half of Pennsylvania and in her current state, knew it wasn’t an option. Besides, her Buick would never make it and men were just men, not super heroes.


“Holy shit.”

“Yeah?” Will asked, clearly amused at Stefan’s praise of the knock out getting gas in the next line. “Care to elaborate?” His friend rubbed a hand over the long, currently unbleached section of hair covering only the top of his head. With the mohawk lying flat like that, Will did look slightly less sinfamous.
“Dude, why are you staring at me like that? You want some?” Will said teasingly.

“Fuck you. I was just thinking it’ll be nice not to be recognized out here. You know you almost pass for an upstanding citizen without your platinum spikes.”

“I could say the same for you, goat. That beard is temporary, right?” asked Will.

“Jealous much? The ladies haven’t had any complaints.” Stefan threw back at his buddy but felt like shit as soon as he did, even though they were joking. Will didn’t do women, not since losing his wife several years ago and he also had a practical reason for his mohawk. He’d been burned in the apartment fire that stole Honey from him and hair no longer grew in some patches on his scalp. Stefan didn’t pretend to understand how Will went without—that was some serious devotion—but his good friend had become immune to most of his comments. Stefan eyed the dark haired woman across the way again who kicked at her gas pump.

Will hiked up one eyebrow. “You’ve only had that face rug for a few weeks. How many ladies are we talking about with no complaints? On second thought, maybe I don’t wanna know. You slut.” Will grinned at the end. The man was entirely too gracious to him. To all his band mates. It was why Stefan loved Will like a true brother and knew he’d eventually be okay in Nashville. Stefan? Not so sure of himself yet.

The truth was Stefan had only slept with one woman in that time Will just asked about. It had been three weeks now. The Tennessee beauty liked his stubble, but again, Stefan would keep those details to himself. It wasn’t his fault the agent helping him find a place in Nashville was a triple threat and had liked his face rough, among other things. Funny though how Stefan hadn’t been as into it as normal. Too much on his mind with coming home, he supposed, and finally showing up to Mom’s. Reminders that he might still be an embarrassment to her gnawed at his gut.

“Not my fault. She was a triple red. Not like I had a choice in the matter,” he said eyeballing pump five some more and accepting Will would just have to deal with Stefan as-is. Her stance was so rigid, her shoulder blades showed through the back of her yellow hoodie. Someone or something had her pissed. Spring Break gas prices maybe? He rubbed his lip and watched past Will.

Will waved a hand in front of Stefan’s face to get his attention. “Triple red? Do I even wanna know?” he asked, his other brow hiked now.

“Hair. Lips. Thong.” Stefan tossed Will his wallet. “Like I said, your turn to pump.” He climbed out of the driver seat, much more slowly so he could take more of her in. She turned to see something behind her, giving him just enough of a glimpse before she was back at her stare down with the pump.

Full lips, probably too full for the average guy who wouldn’t know how to appreciate them. But he would. Long legs. A round ass that the snug tracksuit she wore couldn’t hide. He liked how her black hair looked hanging against the bright yellow color and Stefan wasn’t the only one gawking. Two other dudes at pumps were checking her out too. Keep your dicks in your pants, assholes. That sharp stare focused on her pump’s number ticker told him she could give a shit about her admirers and might just be ready to kick at something again. Probably didn’t even realize anyone was interested, which made her all the more interesting. “Nothing. Just need to stretch my legs,” Stefan said to Will and rubbed at his chest between his pecs. Will would see right through that lie.


That’s my tease this week! Hope to see you back next week for more with Stefan and Dani. 

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