Book Boyfriend Carlene

The Book Boyfriend Blog Hop is back and better than ever!

The authors of Evernight have a brand new team of swoon-worthy book boyfriend candidates. A sexy assortment of cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, and shifters are just a click away.

Get comfy in your little corner of the world and let’s chat with Luke Willoughby, the quiet confident rock star hero with a penchant for losing his clothes from my Sin Pointe Novel Free Read, Touch of Sin. He says he’s not nervous but I’m not so sure…

touchsinfree1mMe: Hey Luke, how’s it going handsome? You still nervous about being offered up as this year’s book boyfriend?

Uh-oh, someone’s frowning…

Luke: For the record, I have no nerves about being your boy toy offering this year. I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s just, you know…

Me: No, I don’t know. What? And where is your shirt? (He ignores me. We’ve had this conversation before.)

Uh-oh, someone’s letting out a deep breath and has suddenly become very fond of his boot laces…

Me: Luke, what gives? No way! Are you experiencing a little bout of stage fright in the face of all these ladies? I promise you, they’ll be kind. I mean, I’m sure if you just sing that sweet lullaby from the book, you’ll have them melting. You know the one, don’t be shy.

Luke: You mean, “Soft, soft heart, love falls apart. Soft, soft lips, mine not his. Spell it out in the sand, I am just a simple man.” That one?

Uh-oh, someone (and not Luke this time) is just a little bit in love with that Lonerby hit and Luke’s gravelly voice spooning it out to us like honey.

Luke: Uh, earth to Carlene (Luke waves his hand in front of my face a few times). Look like I said, not an ounce of lady nerves in me. But your boy, Lucky, won this thing last year…

Me: Oh! Duh, so you’re worried about not bringing home the trophy—

Luke: No, again. It’s just, I wanted to give a really good prize away to the lucky lady but the only thing I could think of was one of my V-necks I wore on stage. Unfortunately, No-No lost my bags last night so…

Image courtesy of Ambro

Image courtesy of Ambro

Me: So that explains the no-shirt look. Gotta love your brothers. 😉

Luke: Yeah, literally I have to love them because they’re my blood. So any ideas?

Me: You can never go wrong with jewelry.

Luke: Sweet! You think she’d like this one? (Luke pulls his lucky guitar necklace off and sets it down on my desk so I can snap a photo for you.)

Me: Hon, I think that’s perfect and whoever wins will love it. And you.

Uh-oh, someone’s biting his lip and has shoved his hands pretty deep into his pockets. I KNEW he was nervous! Ha! 😉 Silly boys. Gotta love ’em.

What’s up for grabs?

  • One lucky hopper will win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate sponsored by Evernight Publishing.

  • Plus, each author is giving away their own unique prize! So visit each blog hop stop for a host of fabulous prizes to win. … Luke’s final question of the hop: It’s date night, where we goin’ darlin’?  😉 Be sure to leave the answer and your email address to be eligible to win a prize. For an extra entry into Luke’s drawing, sign up to follow my blog at the top right. You’ll enjoy teases, giveaways, new release info and my eternal gratitude

Luke hopes you’ll enjoy his offering to one lucky commenter here at my place:

Book Boyfriend Necklace

Your Luke prize will include his lucky guitar necklace, a chocolate rose and a signed copy of the first book in the Sin Pointe Novel series, Sidewalk Flower! So be sure to answer Luke’s question! The physical giveaway is for US addresses only but should one of my lovely international readers win, I’ll send a $15 Evernight gift card in its place and loads of cyber hugs and kisses from Luke.

  • Each comment gives you an entry for the grand prize (one per blog hop stop). Keep hopping to the next author or blogger. After you’ve met each hero click here to vote for your favorite book boyfriend. You’ll earn an extra grand prize entry! You’re one step closer to meeting your next Book Boyfriend…

  • Click here to visit the rest of your hunky candidates…

Spend more time with Luke Willoughby in his Free Read, Touch of Sin, available now at Evernight!

Now off you go to enjoy the rest of the hop!

Always love,

Carlene Love♥


  1. Thank you for the interview. I love to wear my man’s shirt especially when it still has his smell on it. A definite no-no is his underwear unless their boxers.


    • Hello Lavida. Luke likes saying your name by the way. 😉 Lavida, Lavida. Okay cut it out and give me the keyboard back. Hi Lavida, Carlene here. I know exactly what you mean. When hubby is out of town, I steal one of his shirts from the hamper and basically use it as a pillow case while he’s gone, just for that smell. When Luke “loans” his clothes out, he usually keeps his undies. But he’s been known to give up the socks on special occasions. Anyhow, have a great day and thank you for stopping by! LaVida, LaVida, LaVida…

    • Jolanda, hi! Uh-oh, Luke’s got that look again. So he totally gets the underwear thing, but wishes you might consider on the trousers. I’ll give him some time to come up with a good reason for why that is. 🙂 I would like to thank you for stopping by and wish you good luck in the hop!

    • Hello Debra. Or can I call you Debby? 😉 Soooo, Shirt-yes. Underwear- Not happening. Socks-also a no-no. Hmm…you know there’s a scene in my story where I lose the socks and it’s for a very good reason. I think you’d look cute in my socks.
      Um Luke, I’m back now. Sorry Debra. I’ve got about 9 loads of laundry going and Luke agreed to help with replies this morning. I fear the only way to make him happy is to agree you’d hypothetically consider wearing the man’s socks if the hypothetical situation ever called for it. Deal? Thank you! And good luck in the hop!

    • Oh, you have to let me answer this one, Carlene. Hello there Plum Crazie 😉 I like you’re thinking. One guess why I never loan my undies out…they’re not boxers, they’re not briefs, and definitely not that weird hybrid of boxer-briefs… 😉

    • Hey Pretty Mama…
      Luke Willoughby, you better be a gentleman. This really is my mama.
      “Hey there Mrs. Carlene’s Mom.” (Luke bows.) Good Luke.
      Hi Mom! Oooo, I like the leather belt idea and yeah, I’m probably with you on the sweat band…although I’m pretty sure if any one of my music idols gave me their sweat band, I’d pretty much pass out and then cherish it forever! Hugs xoxo

  2. Sweaters and sports jerseys are best! Anything ripped, stained, or just ugly is a no-no! And let me guess…perhaps you go commando, Luke? That’s the vibe I’m getting from your answers…


    • Ahem, Luke! Get over here and answer this woman!!
      Uh-oh someone is smiling and leaving crumbs on his way over. I didn’t say you had to run!

      Trix, that’s cute. I never leave home without my Predators jersey, but you know, I might be willing to part ways with it. I’m gonna get in so much trouble today with you ladies. Mm-hmm, perhaps you guessed right.

  3. I tend to sleep in my hubbys boxers and tshirts (honestly i think he buys the boxers just because I like to sleep in them)

    • Um…Kris? I think you have someone’s attention. Luke literally just sat up a whole lot straighter. Okay, okay, here you can have the keyboard.
      Hey Kris, I need more details about this top sheet you’re so fond of. I’ll be waiting 😉

  4. wow well, i would be most likely wear his t shirt maybe boxers if they were clean lol around the house as jammys!! i don’t think there is any thing i would not wear as long as it is clean hell we can be in the same bed i would think we could wear the same clothes!! lol now sweaty dirty clothes yuk!! ewwww no gym clothes!! lol
    for the other contest of names i would name him
    zane or
    thank you so much

    • Hi Cyndi! Luke is actually just coming down from the shower. He’s making me read the comments out loud while he towel dries his hair. Hold on a second…
      Yes Luke, you’re squeaky clean and no I’m not going to test your skin. Oh, you want me to tell Cyndi. Well Mr. Clean, why don’t you come on over here and tell her yourself. 🙂
      Hi darlin’. I’m not sure who this Zane guy is. (Luke’s grinning) What was that you were saying about the same bed? 😉
      Luke, you were supposed to tell her you were squeaky clean, not flirt with her! Sorry Cyndi. Boys will be boys. Good luck in the hop!
      Luke, go get dressed. PLEASE! Don’t you dare drop that towel…

  5. Hello lovelies. Luke’s yawning so I better give him the rest of the night off…since I plan on waking him up for more fun tomorrow! If your comment doesn’t show up right away, it’s just on moderation and I’ll be checking them first thing in the morning. For you night owls, carry on! And for the sleepyheads like me, sweet dreams. 🙂 Now to find something for Luke to sleep in…there’s gotta be something in all that laundry I was doing all day 🙂

    • Mornin’ Adriana…haven’t had any coffee yet but while Carlene’s still snoozing, I’m here to do a little convincing…the thing about drawing lines, it’s way more fun crossing them. Wait a second, I’m a dude so I’m a little slow. This whole time you ladies are telling me yes to the shirt, no to the socks and undies…So you’d be in just the shirt, nothing else? Now that would have me crossing the line everytime. Your men are some lucky dudes. 😉

    • Leetee, I like that. Cute. I’m turning this one around on you, sweetheart. I’d wear your shirt, jacket or jumper anyday. Dress up could be fun with the right one. It’s all I’m sayin’. 😉

  6. I would wear a guys shirt & boxers. =) I would not wear his briefs though, or his socks lol.

    I signed up to follow your blog! =)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I really love that necklace!! ❤ A chocolate is one of my weaknesses. 😉 lol

    I hope you have a great weekend! =)

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  7. Brandi with an i. Good mornin’. I’ll pass on the news to sleepyhead if she ever gets up. I’ve really gotta get some coffee going. I was kinda hopin’ you’d say guitar players are your weakness. Now that would make it a great weekend. Take care, darlin’.

      • Always a good time waking up to find out I’ve scored double points. This dang winky face doesn’t quite express the grin I’m wearin’ for ya Miss Brandi with an i.

      • Brandi, I do believe Mr. Luke Willoughby is speechless. If the way he’s holding his hand over his heart is any indication, I’d say you’ve made this Tennessee son a happy man. Oh, of course he has a little something to say…

        If that’s official, sweetheart, I’ve got a pancake with your name on it.

        Um Luke, you probably need to pay attention, I’m pretty sure that’s burnt pancake smell I’m smelling there, Mr. Book Boyfriend. 🙂 Brandi, have a wonderful Monday!

      • Hi Brandi! Luke’s got a mouthful of them right now but he was saying he needs to get on the same time zone as you. Although, he kind of likes waking up to your messages. 😉 Poor guy, he’s probably one of the only musicians out there who isn’t a night owl by nature. Anywho, I just wanted to thank you for being part of making this hop so fun. Luke just blew a kiss in your direction. xoxo

      • I’m on the east coast & i’m a major nightowl. I’ve always been a nightowl since I was young, it must run in my blood lol. Kisses right back to yall & I hope you have a great day! ❤

  8. Hotel room, hmm. Now before I get any crazy ideas does lounging back and watching television count? As for the breakfast… well if it’s Luke, can I just have him for breakfast? (LOL)

    Thanks so much! And I just signed up to follow your blog ❤

    – Diana Grace

    • Hi Diana! Thank you for the follow, that’s awesome. See, I finally conk out last night and wake up to a list of daily questions Luke thinks are way better than mine! But you sound like you have a great sense of humor. Hold on a second, let me check in with Captain Soccer Pants…I’m not to share that he looked super cute in his shorty referee shorts this morning…
      Luke! Luke, you’ve got a special request. (Here he comes.) Have a look at this one…

      Hey sweetheart. (He’s reading intently) Yes and YES. Looks like I know and approve of what we’re eating, what are we watching? 😉

      Well there you have it, Diana. Good luck in the hop!

    • I was starting to get lonely. Glad you’re here, Joy. That sounds like breakfast heaven. Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I cooked. The kitchen skills might be rusty, but I’m willing to give it a go for you, sweetheart.

    • Well Happy Sunday Maggie! Haha, I can tell Luke’s been manning the replies very well in my absence! He’s actually in the backyard right now with his brothers. The deal is I write their stories, they help me with mowing and what not. Oh, woops. Looks like Luke’s baby brother No-No is following in behind him.
      Hey boys, Maggie says good morning and something about not needing plates for breakfast. What say you?

      Luke: No-No, you’re starving, right? That’s what we were just sayin’ outside.
      No-No: Starving. Totally. 😉 Could eat like, fifty servings of food right now.

      Um boys…I know you just ate an hour ago. Maggie, looks like you’ve got some eager new breakfast companions who are apparently famished. Good luck with that 😉 and thank you so much for stopping by and visiting. xoxo

    • Hey Suz, can I call you that? Carlene says you’re welcome and says I’ve been forgetting to thank everyone for stopping by so here you go…THANK YOU sweetheart. I’d gladly enjoy some French Toast with you, as long as you don’t mind if I spread some peanut butter on it. Take care, hun.

  9. Nothing is sacred when I raid my guy’s closet. I’ll wear his wife beater w/a pair of thongs; his clean boxers w/a tiny cut-off tshirt; his sweatshirts or hoodies on a chilly night at the beach; his thick winter socks when my feet are cold; his dress shirts and a fedora w/some skinny jeans~ I wear more of his clothes than I do my own and he always makes sure to leave me a tshirt w/his scent all over it to sleep in every time he leaves town. Wearing my man’s clothes makes me feel sexy and he loves it too!

    ilookfamous at yahoo dot com

    • Elise! You need to enter YOUR actual man in the Book Boyfriend competition for being so awesome! But then you’d have to share him with all of us. That is entirely too cool that he does that for you and that you are so into his clothes! I love, love, love it. Sorry, I’m supposed to be letting Luke chime in but I had to have my swoon moment. I think Luke might be just a little wary of coming up against your guy but I’ll see if he has anything to add…

      Hey Elise, good for you darlin’. Now that’s one lucky man. 😉

  10. favorite thing to do in a hotel room? after taking an extra long bubble bath together, order midnight room service and cuddle together staring at twinkling lights of the city from the very high balcony suite.

    Bookworm (dot) judy (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Oh boy, you’ve done it now Judy. I’ll be dealing with that grin of his all day and it’s barely 5:50 am where we’re at! Wait, what…

      Sorry to interrupt you Carlene, but damn. Damn! That’s hot.

      Luke, isn’t it kind of early for this much “damn” and “hot”?

      What? I was just thinkin’ Judy here would appreciate the view from my place, that’s all. Judy, ever been to Nashville, darlin’? 😉

  11. There is nothing better than wearing your man’s shirt especially if it smells of him! I would definitely say no to the boxers and just wear nothing underneath! Luke your such a doll I hope you win this year can’t have Lucky win and not you! As for your question I think I would like to go somewhere peaceful maybe to a cabin with nothing but a lake nearby so i can enjoy. have a great day!

    • You. Me. Cabin. Now. Let’s go.

      Luke! You can’t just say things like that to our guests! I mean, maybe they’re okay with it, but geez! Try again.

      Amy, darlin’. You. Me. Cabin. Now. Let’s go. Please. 😉

      Luke Willoughby. Well Amy, what can I say? It just doesn’t seem right to try and change him now. Have a great day too!

  12. I hope I’m answering the right question because none of the responses above match what mine is…

    I would jump in the car and head down the cost to Baja, enjoy some sun, sand, amazing food and a moonlit walk on the beach with my sweetie.


    • Greetings Shannon! Luke decided he wanted to ask a different question each day because he’s ornery like that. Whatever makes him happy, I always say. When he gets back from rehearsing with his brothers, I’m sure he’ll wanna say hi. For now I have to say I love the drive down the coast. I’m a native San Diegan and I can picture everything you described perfectly! Very nice and thank you so much for stopping by my place on the hop! Good luck in all the prize drawings!

    • Hey Shannon, sorry I was out all day, sweetheart. My band needed the practice. I’ve enjoyed rides down south. That would be somethin’ else, walkin’ on the beach at night. Sounds like it would make an amazing song. Hell, I think I’m inspired. My thanks, darlin’. Take care.

  13. I would try to visit as many states as possible. I’ve only visited California and that was ages ago when I was a teenager.

    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

    • Hey sweetie. There was a time when I’d never been anywhere but Tennessee. Perks of being in a band with my brothers. We drive each other crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You sound adventurous…that’s cool. You sound cool. Have a good night, sweetheart.

  14. Well, if Luke is giving me the keys to my dream car, I hope he’s programming his address in the GPS….’cause I’m swinging by La Perla and then heading to his place to…you know….talk.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

    • Oh @#$%. Carlene said I can’t cuss on here but damn, woman. You’re in trouble now ‘cuz I know what La Perla is. 😉 If that’s your first stop, I can’t guarantee we’re making it all the way to my place…. to talk. Damn. Damn.

  15. If Luke is giving me the keys to my dream car I would take a drive to the mountains and rent a cabin. I would invite him to come along.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

    • Was just headed out the door with my brothers and saw this. Of course I got my butt back in here. Sherry, darlin’, the keys, the cabin, me…they’re all yours. The mountains aren’t mine to give but it’d be a nice drive with you. Be careful, I might hold ya to it.

  16. Hello all my lovelies! Carlene here. Can I just say how much you all rock? So Luke needed some time with the guys. I gave him the night off and I do believe his brothers just threw him in their van. As for me, well I’ve been up since the crack of dawn doing fun stuff like re-grouting my shower. So I’m calling it a night too. Please carry on and any comments that don’t show up right away are on moderation and will be approved in the morning. See you tomorrow for more fun! Night night. xoxo

    • That’s cool, sweetheart. Carlene might kill me for telling you this, but I’ve overheard her singing Katy’s ‘Peacock’ a time or two. Sweet song choice. You’d kill it on stage. 😉 Take care, Hon.

    • Any woman who opens with Holy Crap! is exactly what we’re looking for. That’s fricking fantastic. Anne, please be ours. Nice song choice, sweetheart. 😉

      Hi Anne, Carlene sneaking in here to say hi too. I love that song and yeah, if I could sing, I’d go after that one with all I’ve got! Thank you so much for stopping by and good luck in the hop! Okay Luke, now you can hit reply. 🙂

    • Hi Stacey! Luke and his brothers were playing a gig late last night and he’s still sleeping now but I know what he’d probably say that…

      Someone’s yawning and his hair is well, adorably all over the place. I think he’d like to tell you himself.

      Mornin’ sweetheart. Man, after last night, that’s music to my ears. In fact, I’m crawling back into bed now. Where I plan to stay. All. Night. Long. 😉

      Sorry Stacey, I think fatigue is making Luke flirtier than normal. Usually it’s just the nerves that does that to him. Thanks for hopping by! Good luck too!

  17. Just hopping in to wish Luke lots of luck in the contest! =) And to answer the final question,… i’d go anywhere Luke wanted to go,… i’m game for anything 😉

    Take care!!!

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

    • Luke! You’re not gonna wanna climb those stairs and crash back into bed just yet sleepyhead. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have shouted that. Someone I know you’ll be pleased to speak with left you a message…

      Brandi with an i? Really? (He’s doing that goofy grin thing again)

      Yes Luke, Brandi with an i. (Now I’m smiling too. Geez Luke! Don’t snatch my lap—)

      Good mornin’, darlin’. I guess there’s all kinds of hot dudes in this thing. I have no idea how Lucky won this last year.

      (Carlene chimes in, “Luke, be nice to Lucky!” Luke just chuckles.)

      Listen sweetheart, far as I’m concerned, I’ve already won. Y’all have made me feel pretty damn good this week. Careful though. When you say anywhere, with me that means lots of long nights on the road.

      (Carlene chimes in. “Um Luke, hun, I think Brandi meant she’d go anywhere with you for one night, on a date.”)

      Oh hell, you’re right. That’s embarrassing. I was thinkin’ a whole lot more.

      (Carlene can’t handle that sad look on Luke’s face. “Hey, you know what? I think your Brandi with an i would be up for just about anything with you. Whether it’s for one night or nights on end.” Whew, there’s that grin again. Luke’s rubbing at his whiskers.”

      For the record, Brandi, I’d go anywhere with you sweetheart. Thanks for making my week so special. Maybe I’ll see ya on the road. You take care of yourself, sweetheart.

  18. Good morning Hoppers!!! I’m sort of sad the hop is over. It was so much fun, even though Luke took over and I barely got a word in edgewise. What I want to say to each and every one of you is THANK YOU for visiting and chatting! That made my heart smile. I’ll be tallying up all your comments and adding all the extra entries for those of you who follow the blog. And then I’ll throw all your names into the Lucky cup (seriously, if you see a picture of a white coffee mug that congratulates Lucky for his win last year up on the right of the blog, that’s the Lucky cup!) and then I’ll have Luke pull out the winning name. We’ll post the winner soon so good luck all you lovelies! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  19. Happy Sunday Hoppers! Congrats go out to the lovely Amy Bowens for winning Luke’s #BookBoyfriend prize! Thank you again to everyone who stopped by and “played” with Luke and me. Stay tuned when I’ll announce who won the hop’s Grand Prize, sponsored by Evernight, of a $100 Amazon Gift Card and which Evernight Hero won this year’s #BookBoyfriend honors. 🙂 Look for that sometime Monday or Tuesday. And have a great rest of your day!

  20. Final drum roll please… the grand prize winner of the Evernight Book Boyfriend Blog Hop 2014 is Debra G! Congrats! And your 2014 Favorite Book Boyfriend is… Hammer from Hammer’s Fall by Laurie Roma! Congrats everyone and see you next year!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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