Mid Week Tease! Perfections…


It’s that time! 


How is everyone doing? I hope the week has been kind to you so far. I’m always happy on Wednesdays because it’s my favorite weekly sharing party that is Mid Week Tease! As always, cyber hugs to our hostess, the lovely and talented Sandra Bunino. I’m still diligently working on Stefan’s story (Wicked Flower) but I took a break to spend some time on another work in progress…with the manager for Sin Pointe, Vance Keller and was surprised to find out he’s not always the cool and collected silver fox I thought him to be. Please enjoy this moment with Vance as he prepares for a very important lunch date…

Vance Keller rubbed at a small snag over the ankle of his silk sock. Normally, he wouldn’t care. Today, that would not do.

He checked his phone for his schedule. Not enough time to slip out and buy a new pair and his assistant, Nancy, needed to leave early to attend her son’s award ceremony. Vance rubbed his forehead and dragged his finger hard down the bridge of his nose. There were many perfections he tried to uphold on a daily basis. The musical dynasty he’d helped build required nothing less. But after so many years of the daily and nightly grind as head of Fond Music Group, he had finally fallen prey to his heart’s desires and had suffered innumerable imperfections each day since. For her, the chaos pacing inside his heart was worth it. But there was a price she’d have to pay for their association and that was perhaps what worried him most. Would she be willing? Should he let her?

She was due to share lunch at his desk in five minutes.

His new caterer, he thought as pride forced him to smile past his regret.

He’d lunched like this with Kessalyn five times now, once each passing week. Where they’d left off after last week accelerated his ticking jaw as he pulled off his shoes and then tugged off his damaged sock. The desire to be at his utmost best for Kessalyn Rodgers quickened his movements. If she was giving up her family’s name to meet with him, he would offer her nothing less than the best. He checked his watch, unsure if he could follow through and let her do it.

Three minutes.

Image courtesy of pakorn  FreeDigitalPhotos.net

 That’s my tease this week! Hope you liked it. 

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

16 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease! Perfections…

    • Thank you Casey! I always knew Vance to be a workaholic with no time for a love life of any sort. And then this happened. I’m looking forward to seeing where his story goes. Thank you so much for finding him interesting. 🙂

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