Mid Week Tease! A Desperate Match…

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Hello friends! So it’s technically spring (we’re just going to ignore the snow storm that rolled through here yesterday and left everything all nice and wintery looking), and that means all things new, warm and sexy. Right? To celebrate all these romantic spring notions, I’ve got a special tease for you from my critique partner’s brand new release, Desperate Match, that came out yesterday! It’s the 5th book in Lynne’s Coded for Love series and if you like the idea of a secluded campus filled with enhanced alpha male soldiers and a breeding program, then all I have to say is “You’re welcome”… Here is a short, hot snippet from  Lynne Silver’s Desperate Match starring Rowan, the only Program soldier to ever officially request a breed match and Jill, a woman on the run…

Desperate MatchFinally he stood. “Look, Jill, this has been nice getting to know you, but I think we’re wasting our time. It’s clear I make you uncomfortable, so I’ll let you leave without forcing the issue.” He turned to go, telling himself not to let the disappointment crush him. Jill was only the first attempt. There’d be others. “Bye.”

“Wait,” she said, and it was a cry so desperate it had him spinning back around. “Don’t go. I’ll do better.”

He spun slowly back to face her. “It’s not a test. Well, it is, but it’s not one we control. Either we feel something or we don’t.”

“And you don’t,” she said in a quiet tone he had to strain to hear.

“I didn’t say that. You feel something, but it’s obvious it’s the opposite of what you should be feeling, which is turned on.”

“That’s not true. I think you’re a very handsome man.” She started to unbutton the cardigan again, and he found himself helpless to stop her.

She stripped off the cardigan, which was a shade between brown and vomit, revealing a thin pale pink T-shirt underneath. Thin enough he could see she wore no bra.

“What are you doing, Jill?” He finally found his voice.

“I did a little reading about this place,” she said. “Sex is the true test, right? We’ll know if we’re a match if we have sex.”

So what do we think? Does this potential match have a fighting chance? If you’d like to spend more time with Rowan and his cohort, you can do that here!

Now off you go for some tantalizing snippets by some outstanding authors… 

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Always love,

Carlene Love♥

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